Unforseen circumstances

Mousey is taking a long forced break not because she wanted to but she had to.

Even now, she is blogging on the go and from her new Samsung Note 2!! Yes, she traded in her HTC and got something that meets her needs better.  She will try to blog again soon. Hopefully nothing unexpected crops up.

She will try to fill in the gaps of her boringly adventurous shenanigans. Check back soon.


Feels weird and fun at the same time, talking about myself in the 3rd person. 🙂

Am absolutely pooped. So goose night people! 


All my bags are packed….

…..I am ready to go! In less than 6 hours I have to be out of the house and on my way to Asia. I know I have been quiet on the blogging front and this is due to the fact that for the next 3 weeks it will be packed for me. I get back into town in 2 weeks time and the very next day I leave for Padua (Padova). I will have no time to get anything ready for Padua. So, I had to get anything I can, done now in the last few days and hope everything works out as planned in the end. 🙂

Also because of this, I missed some me time. Meaning, gym time. Laundry to get done between windy and rainy days so that I don’t have a mountain to get through in a month’s time. All the planning and ordering, buying and packaging to get things ready for the Moto Auto Storiche exhibition for the end of this month in Padua.

All this rush because this trip was planned last Tuesday. It was planned for a departure a week later but things happened that made it necessary for us to bring this trip a week forward. Hence the rush.

Anyway, I am excited for this trip. I am going home with a few stops in between. Stay tuned, and I will update as I go. I will, I promise. 🙂 😛

Now to get some shut I before the long journey home.

Toodeloos people! Goose night!

Life in Photos – Day 28

Porta Nuova (New Gate) and the Lanterna di Genova (Lighthouse of Genoa)

Genoa’s crowning glory, the lighthouse. The most famous lighthouse in the whole of Italy. The visitors info can be found here. Featured right in front is the Porta Nuova. The description found next to this wall is as follows :-

In 1815, the Congress of Vienna gave the most Serene Republic of Genoa to the King of Sardinia, Carlo Felice. In 1827, this King built a New Gate of the “Lanterna” in the place of the 17th century gate which was a few hundred metres further east. You can see the Sabaude Coat of Arms which crowns the gate. Originally this gate was situated at 90˙ angle with respect to these walls, it has been leaned against them to conserve it and to still be seen by visitors. This area, made into a park, was originally the road to Genoa from the west.

Mascapati – Presicce, Apulia

The Mascapati’s wine list

So, I have been back for a few days now. Since I came back I have been quite busy and when I am not, I just wanted to do nothing. 😛 Oh, by the way, I found out that the Region of Puglia is known as Apulia in English. I is supposedly a Greek name for that region. Hence, I changed the title this time from Puglia to Apulia.

October is on us now and before I forget all the fabulous food I ate in Apulia I am going to blog about the restaurant I mentioned in my last post. As you can see from the title and this photo it is called Mascapati. Since we were in Presicce at the end of September, most places were already winding down from the summer frenzy. The restaurant at our hotel (which will be my next post 🙂 ) wasn’t open for lunch as the chef was not in that day. So, our friend AM took us to a few other restaurants and this was one of the few still open for business. I saw its ad in a travel book on Presicce and I thought to myself, “wow! This looks like a great place!”. It wasn’t the only thing that surprised me. There were so many beautiful looking hotels and restaurants for a town so small. Presicce has only 5,583 inhabitants! The hotels are so beautiful and so well equipped it feels like we were in another world. okay, maybe I am just not used to seeing the south of Italy in that state. Can’t blame me, I have personal experience. Which I shall expand further in my next post on the hotel.

For now, Mascapati. From the outside it looked like any other facade but with a huge board with their name. But as you step in you are transported into a very modern and chic restaurant that you can find in places like London, New York, Milan or even Paris. Their website has a 360 degree virtual tour. Have a look for yourself. Their photos are way better than mine.

Entrance wall that greets the guest

The honey-comb divider wall

The inside of the restaurant is also very modern and sleek. I really felt that we were somewhere else. And this is all before we even got to the food.

The restaurant interior

As if I wasn’t impressed enough with the place, the food blew me away too! We ordered 3 antipastis. 2 “land” based and 1 seafood based. While looking through the menu, I was already thinking of what to order for my main course but was advised (which is usually the case) to have my antipasto first and they will take my main course order after. Grudgingly, I obliged. In the end, it was for the better. We didn’t get past the antipasti. We divided the antipasti among us and we were so filled! There were so many dishes and I took a picture of most of them before they ended in our tummies.

Here are the photos so that you can have a better idea of what we ate. While captioning the photos, I realised I really didn’t take a photo of ALL our dishes. It was only part of our meal. So you can imagine why we didn’t have any more space for the main course. I must have been too busy eating and missed out a few. Quite a few. I think we had at least another 4 dishes missing. 😛

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you are ever in Presicce, do visit this restaurant. I highly recommend this place. The ambiance and food 5 stars for me. The service was also very good but I can’t really be the judge of that as we were the only people there. Let me know how it fares if you are ever there at the height of summer.

Now that I have penned this, I am off to bed!

Goose night people!!