Viva Barcelona!


Presently cruising over the clouds and in 15 mins we will be either making our descent into Barcelona or we will be landing. No worries, I am only writing this on my Note while it is on flight mode so no danger there. Will post once we land or when I get internet access.

Everytime I see beautiful clouds, I think of my sister. Today while cruising I saw this.

This is my last leg of the journey. Took me 7 hours just to get here. Couldn’t get a direct flight from Genoa so I flew via Rome. Cheapest was Alitalia. No choice. I chose instead to have a loooong transit so that my luggage will arrive. Never had much luck with neither Alitalia nor Rome airport. @_@

Lets see if my luggage arrives. *fingers crossed*

This post was written yesterday and I couldn’t finish writing it then as you can read from above, we were landing soon. Then it was waiting for my luggage, getting a taxi and going to hotel. Checking in. Straight for dinner with my client and back to unpack, shower and get ready for today.

Also, I finally got a local line with some internet access. I am trying to finish this entry but it is not working out too well. I am on site for work. Consistently distracted. 😦

I will try again tonight.


Computer Crisis


I sat down to blog like a hardworking blogger should but once again I encounter the exact same problem that sent me into a frenzy the last time. Read my last post on this. The photo shows what was the cause of my frenzied concern. Does anyone know why this happens?

Is it because I left my laptop in the car and since it is autumn, it got “chilled”? This is so worrying. It has NEVER happened to me before with ALL my other laptops. Mac or otherwise. So sad. 😦

It kind of killed my mood for blogging. Added to it that, I am now also very worried. *doubly sad*

Well, I am going to call it a night. Goose night people. Pray for the save return of my laptop to good working health tomorrow.


Sneaking in a post…

Hello people!!!

It has been a while, I know. Many things have happened and is still happening. When I am not working, rushing to finish all the work, I am catching up on laundry and my “Me” time and of course M time. Other than that, I do anything else but post. This time though, my “Me” time didn’t consist of gym. 😦 I hardly have time to breathe between Padua, London, Milan and Barcelona next week. Between all these places, I have max 2 days back in Genoa. In these 2 days, I catch up on sleep, other work, M and Milo.

Now I am here posting because I got sick. Down with fever, flu and cough and because of this, and work, we pushed back my trip to Milan. I am still going to Milan but only for the weekend. Then next Tuesday I will be on my way to Barcelona for another week of work. I just froze my ass off last week in London for a week. Stressed out too but it was great catching up with friends after work.

I actually want to do anything else but post but I feel guilty not posting. 😛 I also write posts occasionally in my head at the most inappropriate times. hehehehe!!

Besides work there is also another reason for my long absence. While in Bangkok, I did not have great internet connection. It was so crappy that I got so frustrated, I gave up trying to post anything. Then I got to Singapore. After checking in and a day out shopping with my sis, I got all comfy and ready to blog.

Tucked myself under the covers. Turned on my laptop and got a rude shock!! My whole screen was just all black and while lines across!!! With a huge black column right down the right of the screen! 😯 I turned it off and on for 5 times and it was still the same!! I decided that the very next day, I am going to march into the Mac shop and get it checked out.

I tossed and turned the whole night, wondering what could have happened to it? Did I get water into the com? Did I drop it anywhere? But, I hand carried my laptop the entire journey. When? Where? Why??? It was not a good night. The very next day, I went to the Mac service and tried to get it checked out. But I had to leave it for 3-4 working days and I was leaving that evening for Kuala Lumpur. So, in the end, I decided to bring it to the Mac Service shop in KL. It would probably be 3-4 working days too. In the end it was 5 days. Best part of all this worrying was that, there was nothing that they could find wrong with my laptop!! After all this, nothing! I was relieved!! 😀

A few days here, a few days there. It ended up with me being without my laptop for close to 2 weeks and the whole time I was worrying and wondering what has actually happened. It was not a good 2 weeks for me. I got my laptop back the very day that I was leaving KL for Milan. I didn’t have a chance to do anything.

Got back and got right into all my other travels and work. By the end of each day, I was too tired out to blog. Though I took tons of photos to blog about. 🙂

That is my long story short of why I had a forced absence from the blogging scene.

No promises but I hope to be back soon. I feel bad for saying that I will be back soon and then I go missing again for a while. 😦

Bye for now. I need to recuperate for next week in Barcelona. So goose night and thank you for coming back from time to time to check up on me.

Life in Photos – Day 29


Found this old calculator in a restaurant. Was very impressed with it. Stood there staring and staring, trying to figure out how it works. The best part was, when I posted this on my Facebook page, my Uni professor commented that he used this before!!! I was so excited. Of course I had to ask him how it worked. It seems that you key in the number you want multiplied then crank the lever how ever many times you wanted to multipy it by. So, I think it is just for multiplications. He couldn’t remember any more how to use it besides for multiplication. I had to be contented with that info. But it was really exciting and interesting for me!!! Ah…..I love history!

P/s : Just found out that this was my 100th post!! wohoo!!!