Hotel Sagittario Padua

I realised while looking through my photos, that I have been staying in a lot of hotels. A job hazard. But we do find some gems now and then. Last year, about a week to 10 days after my stay at VIE Hotel, we were again in Padua for the Antique Motor show. This time, we chose to stay at Hotel Sagittario which basically means Sagittarius Hotel. Though quite an adventure to get to it but with a proper navigation tool you shouldn’t have any problems. It might not seem right as you drive but do not be disheartened. It is located off the beaten path.

It has ample breakfast selection. By ample I mean not just continental breakfast. This time because it is for work, I woke up early to partake in the most important meal of the day. 🙂 Besides their breakfast, there is a little restaurant in the same compound. Though not part of the hotel, there is a special collaboration that the hotel has with the restaurant. Book via the hotel and they will give you a card to pass on to the restaurant. With that, we not only have a special rate but also the option to sign the bill to the room and pay when we check out. Though we didn’t use this option but I am sure, it will be appreciated by others. And the restaurant had great food and exceptional service.

The room was very comfortable and it had everything. Didn’t use their wifi or LAN internet service as we were in Italy and I had my own internet connection via my telephone service provider, so I can’t provide you with that info. But click on their site link and you questions will be answered. I booked this hotel via another favourite site of mine. The rates for this hotel was reasonable for 6 days 5 nights.

The room was clean, cosy and chic. I like the little touches that though simple, made the room feel adequately designer chic for me. The service was excellent and the front desk staff remembered our names and greeted us each time. This alone makes it stand out from the rest! 🙂 Definitely recommended. IMG_1966

love the sink. Though space is lacking to put anything

love the sink. Though space is lacking to put anything

simple and functional

simple and functional

IMG_1969 IMG_1970

our cupboard and fridge

our cupboard and fridge

the sofa in the cupboard

the sofa in the cupboard

VIE Hotel Bangkok


The new media gallery system for WordPress is mystifying me for the moment. But if I continue trying to figure it out, I will get too tired to write this and will give up altogether on writing this post. So, lets start.

Last October, wow, how time flies….back to the point, I was in Bangkok for a short trip of work and pleasure. I just joined the Accor groups as a member, so I thought why not try one of their hotels out for this short 4 day trip. Trawling through theirs site, I decided on VIE Hotel. It is MGallery’s new boutique hotel. It was convieniently located near Ratchatewi BTS station. Which was only 1 or 2 stops from the famous MBK, Siam Paragon and Central World. It looked really good online.

When I arrived, it was even better in real life!! I absolutely loved it!! They even have a free tuk-tuk service to the shopping complexes I quoted above. So, there was no need to even catch the BTS or even a taxi. Only when coming back if you can’t catch them when they are dropping off other guests or I think, if you called the hotel, they would probably send someone to get you. Though I never tried.

What I loved most of the room besides their heavenly beds, is their toilet! I love that they have it all separated. Not too sprawlingly big but big enough and proportionate to the room. You will be able to see what I mean in the photos below. The amenities are all Aigner! Again, here I don’t use them. Being a frequent traveller and also caring for my own hair (which is more often than not, wrecked from all the traveling, change of weather and water), I bring my own amenities and shampoo and conditioners.  I don’t usually get breakfast with the room unless I am there for an exhibition or with M. Cause I am never awake in time before breakfast finishes. I schedule all my meetings after 10am if I can. 😛 So, I can’t tell you about their breakfast selection but I am sure it would have been amazing. 😛IMG_1942

the other view of the room.IMG_1943

The toilet.IMG_1944

the ample bath.IMG_1945IMG_1950 IMG_1949


the amazing toilet area.  IMG_1951

Ok, I shall end this post. Trying to caption each photo worked well till I was half way through. Then it started to have a mind of its own. Anyway, I am sure you have a good idea on the hotel. I definitely recommend a stay at VIE Hotel Bangkok anytime!

Life n Photos – Day 34


Thanks to my friend I found out what this building was. Well, more like just the facade left. It used to be the second Anhalter Banhof. This are its remains which I appreciate greatly that Berlin has kept it. These little gems make Berlin such a beautiful city. Too bad I didn’t have time to explore.

Though yesterday, a kind soul helped me to change some money when all the banks were already closed. The shops did not accept my big note. We ended up chatting and he regaled me with the history and architecture of Berlin. Meeting someone who works in a museum is so much fun! Knowing the stories behind some of the buildings we saw makes me love Berlin even more! 🙂

I want to come back for another visit soon. This time for the city and not for work.

Toodeloos people! Off to Stuttgart in a while.