Life In Photos – Day 37


Loving the view from my in-law’s balcony. Feeling thankful for all that I have. Thank you for my family and friends. For their great health and mine. I thank them for existing and God for bringing them into my life. Thank you and love you!!

Good night! Toodeloos!

Dropped off the face of the earth…..

Okay…just being all dramatic and shit.. but it does feel like it. 😛

It has been a while since I blogged and if anyone is still sticking around and stalking, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

A few things have happened and I have been busy juggling personal and professional life. Though I have to admit, I could just post updates on Life in Photos as I do on Instagram. I just never do.

All these things that are happening, some I want to talk about and some I don’t. “Don’t” filling up an entire page while “do” is still…you get the picture. Some are not even my story to share.

While I figure out what I want to write about, I thought I should just day hello here before you all leave my blog and move on to greener pastures. 🙂

Should I say ” I will be back!”?

oh, so corny!

I will gather my wits about me and be back soon. I am presently very tired and in need of a good long rest period of doing absolutely nothing! Which is not happening.

Till then…toodeloos!!

My first ever…

It is my first time being home for the Malaysian General Elections 2013 after leaving the country 16 years ago. Also the first time for me where the elections actually have any meaning to me.

Previously when I left, I was too young to vote. I was also not bothered with politics and I didn’t understand it. As I get older, I can understand better what politics is all about.

With all the recent posts on different online social platforms, it all looks so interesting and it is very nail bitingly exciting waiting for the results.
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