Comeback nails!


It has been a while since I did my nails. The last time I did anything was just before I gave birth to make myself feel better. I was a huge whale and I couldn’t reach my feet to cut my nails and I was so hot most of the time (more like burning) that I couldn’t be bothered with body cream. So I had horrible nails.

I enjoyed getting my nails done in Asia also for their spa treatments. Bloated legs feels so much better in warm water and massage. I felt better about myself too which is a plus considering I am a waddling whale. I was so huge that everywhere I went, they thought I was having twins. YES! I was that huge!

I take care of my daughter myself so she is perpetually with me. She goes wherever I go. So when we finally got a babysitter (only since last month) o jumped at the chance to make an appointment for my nails. I am so glad Z can stay with D without us. Freedom!! So far, we have only used her about 8 times.

At the appointment, Anna, my manicurist extridinaire said she had to give me “forget me not” bears for little Z as a come back present. My first nail art back must be a tribute to her. I ❀ them! Don't think Z can appreciate them yet but I can! The bears are so cute! She is such an amazing artist, This woman is!

Beside the hand, mouth and foot disease taking over my hands they actually make the whole ordeal bearable. πŸ™‚

I have the next appointment already booked! Hehehehe!

2 Dresses, 1 Bride

So, I was watching this reality series on Real Time called “2 Abito, Una Sposa” basically means 2 dresses, 1 bride like my title suggest. All this in Italian of course as I was in the office as they now show Real Time on the satellite channels and it was on as background sound. I couldn’t budge from where I was because Z was napping and she has a knack for waking up the moment I get up to do anything. Even if I am not touching her any way. I find that this happens more often if we are not alone. Any other person or sharp noise will wake her from her slumber and if I am not there to put her back to bed immediately, then we can forget about the rest of nap time. It will be officially over and play time is in da’ house!

I digress. I don’t understand why some mothers would insist on their children wearing their wedding dresses? I saw it a few times on the other wedding dress reality series which I don’t know their original titles. I only know their Italian titles and I couldn’t be bothered to Google them now. Z is snoring next to me and it makes me sleepy too. πŸ˜›

You will understand when you become a mum. At least that is what my mum said. I am a mother and I understand why some mothers think that way. Wait, ok, I lied. Even before becoming a mother I understood why but I don’t get it how they cannot understand their daughters? Did I confuse you there? I understood but still don’t understand?

Let me explain. I think it is great if the daughter wanted to wear the dress herself but I don’t think it should be forced onto her by playing the emotional blackmail game. It is not fair! Hey, you had your fun choosing your own dress! Had fun playing dress up and trying on all different dresses. Why can’t she have the same fun and freedom of choice? Unless, the dress has been passed down for generations and ALL the ladies wore it on their wedding day, then maybe, ONLY maybe. The choice is still hers.

Secondly, does the dress even fit her personality or body type? I mean, there are dresses that will look nice on some and really, really hideous on another. Imagine very nice low “v” neckline dress on a slim person then imagine the very same dress on someone with a double D chest fitting into that very same dress. I think it would look so inappropriate especially for a wedding but I could be wrong and some find this really nice. To each, its own.

Then, there is the fashion to think about. What could be “in” in the 80s is way out of place for now. Most find the 80s a fashion disaster era and I concur. Somethings you can get away with but a wedding dress of the 80s? hmm… >_<

The thing I like about this show is this. It combines the 2. It gives the bride a choice. It says 2 dress because you have a choice of 2 dresses. You bring your mum’s dress. Wear it to show the stylist and seamstress (I can’t think of a more glamorous name for her) and tell them what you like or don’t like about the dress and what you are looking for in a dress and the budget you have. Then the stylist will go in search of dresses for you and the seamstress will transform your mum’s dress into your vision while still trying to keep some of mum’s dress and stay in budget. You can pretty much forget about getting your dresses back intact mums! Poor mums!

Then from the stylist’s choice you choose one, of course after trying them on. Then they reveal the seamstress’ creation. After that, the choice has to be made between the 2. The seamstress is usually very creative and does an amazing job transforming mum’s dress. I have been wow-ed many times.

Conclusion is, if you have a very persistent mum, you should join this show and maybe they will be able to help you get the dress of you dreams. I pity the mums only because since they loved their wedding dresses so much, it must be hard for them at the end of it cause they will not get their dress back as it was. Worse, if the daughter decides against it and goes for the new one. oh! poor mummies!! I guess, that is the risk that they have to take when going on this show and insisting that their daughter wear their dress. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I am so mean… πŸ˜›

Update: Found out the American title for this series. “Something borrowed, Something new”.

Itchy backside…

I was just laughing to myself thinking that I am such a genius! If you read my last post, you would know what I mean. Did you get it? Itchy backside? Did you? Did you? πŸ˜€

I haven’t been blogging for a while and while back here, I thought I should change my theme. I like to change it every now and then which is why I never buy any themes cause I know I will tire of it and want to change it again a few months or a year. Then all the money spent will be down the drain.

I don’t know how to write any CSS codes so making my own themes is out of the question so I went theme hunting. Is it just me or is most of the themes’ backgrounds are white. I know that it is a neutral preferred colour but really? White on white on white is so bland and so glaring! Even with the brightness on my screen adjusted to almost the last button, it was still blinding me. Ok, I may be biased. I love colour!! Bright colours! Not bright blinding white though.

I took me close to 2 hours to find this new theme. Do you like it? I LOVE it!! ❀ ❀ Trying out emoticons here. It is a trial and error thing with these for me. I never know the codes behind them.

The search for this theme was long and arduous! πŸ˜› Like I ran a marathon or something. If you don’t already know, I do have a flair for the dramatics. It was so painfully long (slow loading time didn’t help) that I wished I that I had just sucked it up and endured the old theme a little longer and do the search another time when I am in a better mood. It is doubly arduous cause I am hungry. A hungry Ann is a grumpy Ann. A saying my friend uses to describe me whenever I am grumpy. LOL!! how accurate!

Now that I found a new theme, I hope to keep it for while and that you like it as much as I do. I like the colours, their playfulness and the animals on the top. I have a baby now and I know she will love it! Though I think she would not be reading my blog any time soon. By the time she does, knowing me, I would have changed it and she will not get to see the animals. Oh well…

The itchy backside has been scratched. πŸ˜›

Goose night world!

I am back! hopefully…

Hello! It has been awhile. You still there? Lurking around somewhere? If you are, I would appreciate a comment or two. Okay…I understand that I would have t write a post for a comment to be made but I would still appreciate it if you do. Even if it is just to say hi! or Welcome back!

Why is it so hard to sit down compose a decent post after being away for a while? I swear it is like there is an invisible hand stopping me.

This post has taken almost 8 hours to compose and I am only here. Well, not true there. I wrote like 3 whole other paragraphsΒ  in a span of say, 5 hours, but I just deleted it all. Only the first 2 paragraphs remains of the original . As usual, it took me so long to even get here because I was distracted by other blogs. They are all so interesting to read that I get lost in them. Then, my darlings came home andΒ  had to stop till it was bedtime. Now that my little darling is asleep, and so is my other darling, I can continue to write.

I am currently stuck at home because I have hand, mouth and foot disease and I am very contagious. It is common among children and really rare that adults will get it. Lo and behold, the lucky adult who got it? Me! The full blown one too. Not the half ass one that my husband got but the full blown one. Like someone sprayed (not throw) hot water on my hands and feet. Sprayed because they are like tiny little droplet sized blister all over. Hot water because they behave like those blisters. Sensitive to touch so it makes holding or doing anything with my hands and walking painful and uncomfortable. AND, it itches to high heaven. Oh my goodness, does it itch!!

How did I even get it in the first place?? Well, that it thanks to the brilliant thinking of my BIL, but lets not get into that. It is done and it can’t be undone. The only good thing is that since my little Z got it first and then passed it on to us, she will have a high chance of NEVER getting it again unless she gets another different strand of the virus. Which is highly unlikely. I am also glad that she didn’t suffer much. She is so young that except for the fever, it didn’t really bother her otherwise. She was active and getting into all the nooks and cranny after her 1 day of fever. For that, I am thankful.

After her, M got the fever and was home bound for 2 days. The fevers were very high. For all 3 of us, it hovered around 38-39.8˚C for 24 hours. At Z’s age, she is 11+ months, it was really scary. I think because I had very little sleep while taking care of her and M, my immune system was low and it finally caved. I have been home bound too for about 10 days now. I still have about another 4 more to go.

Only me though, since Z and M have recovered and the contagious period is over for them. I don’t mind it. I get some time to myself to drive myself crazy with the itch and trying to rest. Besides the itch, I actually enjoy the time to myself. Doing mostly nothing but scratching my hands and feet to within an inch of their lives. Luckily, I just got my nails done, so they are not sharp. Gel nails actually take the pleasure out of any scratching but with it I can scratch all I want and it doesn’t tear the blisters. How great is that! I do try to resist the temptation but when I can’t, I scratch away!

Anyway, just wanted to update and try to get back into the groove of blogging. Tried to fill you in on the last year (the 3 deleted paragraphs) but decided I should just post about now and once I get going, I would probably fill you in as I go along. Letting it come naturally.

yeah, right! Who am I kidding? πŸ™‚ we’ll see!