Guess what?

Just imagine this, it is like de’javu all over again. I wrote about the last time we were all sick. Guess what??! We are all sick AGAIN! Well now only the adults are down. Bumblebee was only sick for a day so we were very lucky. Last night, M succumbed to a fever and today he is still down. I on the hand have been sick since last Tuesday and was fullblown when I last posted. My throat still hurts, my eyes burn every time I slowly deteriorate as the day goes. Then after every medicinal intake, I get better and the cycle repeats. It has been going on for so long it seems never ending. T_T

The doctor visited today and confirmed what I told M last week. I was so sick that evening that I told him I think I definitely need antibiotics this time. True enough the doc confirmed it this morning. However since it has been about 5 days, the viral infection has turned into bacterial infection and it will take longer for me to get better. Yippee!! So happy to hear such GREAT news! Sarcasm fully intended.

He told me to wait another day and if I still have these symptoms then I should start on the course of antibiotics he recommended. Now isnt’t the great news too? So now I have to wait another day to feel better.

What better news is (and this time no sarcasm intended) that the bumblebee got a doctors prescription for some antihistamines for her allergy to mosquito bites. She has been, for lack of a better word, mutilated by these pesky mosquitoes. She gets bitten and the next day it swells up and the entire area is red sensitive. Sometimes it swells up so much it looks like it splits the skin. Poor girl! She gets bitten a lot at my in laws! 😦

We have tried everything. Mosquito repellent, citronella candles, long pants, bath…everything! Nothing really seems to work. Oh well, now we continue with the prevention and the creams and at to it the antihistamines to help the swelling and itchiness.

Got to go. Got to pick the bumblebee up from the baby sitter’s and cook dinner and etc…long night ahead. Yippee! So looking forward to it….not!

Toodeloos…to a better tomorrow.

Being sick…sucks!

Ok…so when has being sick never sucked? It is the pits when you are sick. It always feels damn good to do something when you know jolly well that you shouldn’t. Well, this is one of those thing.

I knew I was going to suffer the consequences on Tuesday when, while experiencing one of the worst heat waves in recent times sweeping over Europe, I braved the heat and went out. I couldn’t last more than a minute before I was perspiring profusely, like I just took a shower and forgot to dry my myself. That was not the problem. The problem was, in the car. I had the aircon turned up high but not the max as I wanted to cool the car but not freeze my baby in the process. This is because there is a fixed air vent to points straight to the back where the baby seat is. Whereas, since I can move the front ones I pointed 1 of the directly at myself. Straight away, I felt the droplets of perspiration freeze in mid air. I went…oh oh…I shouldn’t have it pointed directly at me. Sure die wan! *a local Malaysian/Singaporean expression for “I am going to regret this big time!”*. So I tried to turn it away from me but as soon as I did that, I felt it trickle down my face and neck instantaneously. I kid you not! It was that hot and humid. So, I did it again. This time I left it on me. Even turning it lower but I knew that I was doomed. I could feel my forehead freeze. A slight headache was forming. It didn’t have time to fester into a great head pounding pain as thankfully my destination was near.

It was over yet. After my class, I had to make the cool journey to my in law’s for dinner which was a little further away. This time I felt the pounding albeit lightly. While there, I suffered greatly in the heat. I was all sticky and wet is the word. After all, it looked like I took a bath without drying off. So, you can imagine the drive home. Brain freeze!

True to my own predictions, the first inkling of the trouble I would be manifested itself. I got a sore throat. That was Wednesday. It was still under control. Thursday dawned and…drum rolls, please…I got a splitting headache with a very inflamed throat. On top of my very special day, the baby sitter was not free that day. There I was with my body aching all over (signs of an onslaught of a fever which I kept at bay), splitting headache, scratchy in lame throat with a bouncing bumblebee of a toddler who already decide to wake up at 7.30 thanks to M’s “light feet”. She usually sleeps till 9.30 or so. 2 hours earlier in my condition was really “heaven sent”. Sarcasm intended.

I went through the day in a splitting haze…the meds that they gave me didn’t work as well as they should. By the time 5 pm rolled by, I couldn’t take it anymore. M’s day was winding down so I called him to please take the energetic bouncing toddler with him. Which thankfully he did. In the end I decided to pop 2 panadol and crawled into bed for some shut eye. By 7, they were home again and to what better way to end the day than to have your toddler down with a fever too! Yippee!!!

Between a fussy sick toddler and a calmer less splitting headache, managed to feed her, change her and get her to bed with M’s help. The fusspot wanted only mama to put her bed but 1 hour later after her “nap” she was all ready to look for her papa. 😥😥 struggling to keep her in bed and manage my own sickness….was a challenge. Lucky for her, I didn’t have much energy. In the end, M brought her back to bed after about an hour of play time with her and within the hour she was asleep. Finally.

She was fussy the whole night. Then we woke up to a fever again at 6. I was doing better but still under the weather. As I still am, now writing this. In fact I am awake because my throat hurts so bad that it is so difficult for me to sleep. Anyway, managed to get her back to bed and thankfully she slept a little more till about 9. Just in time for her Masha and the Bear. Her favourite! I will write about that another day.

The day went by well. I had the babysitter that day. She took the bumblebee at 3. I had a few appointments I couldn’t miss but I cancelled my class. I didn’t feel I could concentrate. Luckily I did. I deteriorated as the day wore on.

The day ended in an even better way courtesy of the mosquitoes at my in laws. They left 3 new bite marks on the bumblebee. Great! We will have inflamed allergic reactions to deal with tomorrow though we have put medicine on them. Now, wasn’t that a great day? The best!

Being sick, sucks! I need to see the doc tomorrow. I think I need antibiotics and the bumblebee needs some antihistamines.

I hear thunder outside. They predicted rain. I hope it does. 2 weeks of nearly 40 degrees and high humidity has killed me. Did I ever tell you I hate summers? I do…I detest them. When is it ending?..

I should try to sleep and dream of rainy days….

Dang! My incessant coughing, even with a pillow covering my face has just woken the bumblebee. Great!

I should go…night! Toodeloos! To A cooler Saturday!

Trying out something new..

Remember when I said that I prefered to type my blog with a keyboard because I liked the feel of the keyboard under my fingers. I found a solution to this. I now do not have to bring my computer along eveytime, eventhough I have traded in my older and heavier macbook for a lighter and slimmer one. Since i now travel with a toddler in tow anything to lighten my weight is welcomed.

I have to say though that i bought this solutioneven before I was pregnant and when my Note 8 died on me, i completely forgot about this keyboard thatI got in Singapore. It took me some time to find this keyboard as most of the ones available in the market, talking about nearly 3 years ago, were only available for the Ipad. So I was extra excited when I found that could work with my Note 8 at that time.

I have thought about trying it out with my Tab S for some time now. I keep forgetting though I am constantly reminded of it when I see it almost every day on the counter top in the hall where it is stored. I finakky got round to connecting it today and am vey happily typing away on it for this blogpost. Not a very interesting post. Just wanted to share my joy of having a mini fully functionally lightweight keyboard to go with my Tab.

HopefullyI will get to use this more often and blog more since I am now freer, in theory, to blog from anywhere without having to lug around a laptop and to be more careful about leaving my laptop unattended around. My Tab fits perfectly into my bag together with this keyboard that has its own leather cover which can also hold my tab.perfect all in one!

I should add a photo here on how it looks like but am currently in semi darkness, on the bed, next to my napping bumblebee. I shall add it later on. For now, Toodeloos!!

Update: decided to take a photo in the semi darkness with my phone and add the picture to this post. However, I don’t think you can see it’s dimensions well. My Tab is a 7″. So it is small and lightweight. I like!

Life In Photos – Day 43

Cascata delle Marmore – Marmore falls

Cascata delle Marmore

Cascata delle Marmore

This photo was taken from the outside. It was on a whim that we stopped by this waterfall last year in August. We were on our way back from the south after a summer holiday with my parents, aunt and parents in law. Got the idea for this whim from a friend of mine who visited it just a few days before for his summer holidays. Since we wanted to break our long journey back from the south, on my insistence we search and found an amazing B&B in Arrone which was only 5 km away from this beautiful sight. However, when we got there, there was this HUGE line for the tickets to enter that we decided we will do this possibly another time. My MIL was already fretting as we had an eventful morning before this and to wait inline for a few hours with a 6 month old and all the older folks was not a good idea. So we drove out of the parking lot and further up ahead on the road that led to the highway and stopped to take this photo. you could feel the spray of the fall this far out!! It was quite a sight! I definitely recommend that you visit this place if you have a chance. From what I heard from my friend as well, it is definitely worth it. Hopefully we will get round to visiting this place again when we are more prepared. Like possibly getting the tickets online. oh wait! They don’t have online ticketing.. dang it! Oh well, be ready to brave the queue.

This waterfall is located in Terni I think. you can get more info on it here. Some of the translation is not the best but you can get the general idea. Have fun!

Found it!

Okay…have not actually found the camera but found some of the photos of things I wanted or can blog about. Had it on my phone. I haven’t been backing up my phone for some time already and just last week, I started sifting through all the items in my phone and basically did some spring cleaning. This took me over a few days to do. With a very active, courageous little explorer, I do not have enough time to sufficiently dedicate to purging my phone unwanted items taking up precious space. Even with the help of a baby sitter. I still work so between emails, meeting and running I managed to clear, sort and back up all my data over 4 days. oh, and yes, I got my ass off the couch and braved the summer heat to run outside. Been so busy that I couldn’t even make it to the gym. A waste of my money for the gym though but it is the quickest way of a getting some exercise in. Manage to always squeeze it in just before the babysitter arrives back with my little bumblebee.

What have I found? Well, I found photos of some of the places and things I have seen and thought it amazing to capture and bog about but just never got round to it. I thought I lost them all when I couldn’t find the camera. Which reminds me, I still have a missing camera. Sigh…. I guess I have to start looking around for another camera soon. Or maybe just raid M’s stash of electronics. I bet I can find something interesting there.

So to make the long story short, I found some photos and hoping to keep my promise here for more updates, I shall brave on and blog more.


Still here!

Hello everyone! Yup…I am still here. Sorry to have lost my way again. It has been busy. Though I have a baby sitter now who we have just pinned down for a more definite schedule, I was still busy tying up loose ends and doing some work and definitely slacking off whwn I don’t have Z. Previously, the baby sitter was on a need to have basis, where I call her if we need her and if she can, as she has other part time jobs which I thought was more important for her in this very volatile job market. Now we have officially hired her to take care of Z. I should have more time now for work..and for some of this. 😛

We are winding down for summer so most things are tapering off now but we have things lined up as usual for September which will be quite a rush for us as Italy closes for summer and reopens only early September till mid September. Which basically squeezes all the work that needs to be done into a very warped time deadline. But we are used to it by now.

Anyway, this is a nonsensical post to just say hi. I have been itching to post for some time now and will get round to it. I actually even have a post that I have written half way and got side tracked by clients showing up, so I saved it for another day. I might just go and finish that post up right after this.


Update: I have written a few blogposts and have scheduled them for the next few days….hopefully I can keep you coming back for more. 🙂