Life in Photos – Day 28

Porta Nuova (New Gate) and the Lanterna di Genova (Lighthouse of Genoa)

Genoa’s crowning glory, the lighthouse. The most famous lighthouse in the whole of Italy. The visitors info can be found here. Featured right in front is the Porta Nuova. The description found next to this wall is as follows :-

In 1815, the Congress of Vienna gave the most Serene Republic of Genoa to the King of Sardinia, Carlo Felice. In 1827, this King built a New Gate of the “Lanterna” in the place of the 17th century gate which was a few hundred metres further east. You can see the Sabaude Coat of Arms which crowns the gate. Originally this gate was situated at 90˙ angle with respect to these walls, it has been leaned against them to conserve it and to still be seen by visitors. This area, made into a park, was originally the road to Genoa from the west.

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