Recent nail art..


I love these 2 designs. Anna took inspiration from some Japanese nail art magazines I bought for her. I have quite a small nail bed and can’t really keep long nails as I am not the most delicate dainty person around. Worse now that I have a precocious toddler. These magazines have so many designs for the smaller Asian nails which is perfect for me. It also helped Anna diversify her nail art designs.


There is another one but I can’t find the photo for now. I don’t remember where I kept it cause I didn’t take the picture myself.


This is the only picture I have of that nail art that time. I broke my nail already before this and it was patched up for this nail art. It hurt like ! $@# cause it broke right in the middle. This time though since it was already broken it broke easily at impact as it grew out.

Anyway, I just wanted to add something to my blog as I have been quiet for quite some time. Between being a full time mum and working full time, I hardly have time to breathe. I make the most use of my alone time whenever I can to catch up on mostly nonsensical things like watching TV shows late into the night, trying to go to the gym or other appointments like my nail and dentist etc. I also try not to be on the phone or the computer too long if I have my girl with me. I am already almost always stuck to my phone for messages  and emails which I have to reply if I am not in the office. In a way, the phone makes it easier for me to be at home with my girl and still work but it is sometimes disruptive. Oh well….I should be really thankful that because of this I can work from home.

Toodeloos! Till the next post.

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