Life In Photos – Day 41


One of the best buys that M has made. It is a chargeable LED night light cum torchlight. It changes colour both top and bottom. Or either one could be on or off or one of them on one colour while the other changes. Then when you need a torch just lift the top part off and instantly you have a torch!

I find this so useful especially now that I have a baby. I don’t have to turn on the lights whenever I want to check in her or change her diaper. The other best buy is a glow in the dark pacifier. Trust me on this if you child uses pacifiers. Saves you time searching in the bed all over for a missing pacifier. šŸ™‚

Life in Photos – Day 14

Ipoh Old Town Coffee Shop in Ipoh

The descriptions sounds really redundant but the name of the place is Ipoh Old Town White Coffee and they have branches all over Malaysia. This one is in Ipoh. I really like the bird cage lighting that they had, together with the old marble school marble table tops and stools/ chairs. šŸ™‚