Tiffin carriers

Have always been a little fascinated with tiffin carriers. The antique ones are so beautiful! Have you seen them? These are some of the tiffin carriers I grew up with. Though we never used them in my family but I see them in my relatives’ homes and in my grandparents homes. I love those enamel ones with all those intricate designs. If you click on the link you would be able to read up on the story of tiffin carriers in Peranakan Malaysia.

I never knew porcelain tiffin carriers existed. They probably did but I never saw them before. To think they used this to bring food to different quarters of the home. Some Peranakan homes or old rich Chinese homes are huge and these were needed to send food.

Many years ago, I bought 2 tiffin carriers for myself thinking that I would use them someday. All in all, I have probably used them about 10 times in the last. I used them twice in the last week alone! So proud of myself. It is the Covid situation that got me busting out the tiffin carriers. Brought food to the office for M and myself.

My tiffin carriers are the new version one. Airtight and insulated. I love how the handles are fully incorporated in the full length of the carrier. Though I would have loved to have an antique one but I think these suit my needs better. I travel around on a scooter so an airtight and insulated tiffin carrier is more practical for me.

Lunch today
Homemade wholemeal bread with sunflower and pumpkin seeds with chia and goji

These was lunch today. Fruits – kiwi and apple, beef with ginger and broccoli, vegetable curry, tofu and mushrooms and salad for M and last but not least my own homemade wholemeal bread.

Lunch last week. Hamburger under the egg

This was lunch last week. Fruits- kiwi, apples and grapes, peas and broccoli with smoked bacon and onions, hamburger and a bullseye egg.

This Covid situation has made me the home maker I never was. I love cooking and baking but I was never that good. I definitely upped my game this 2020 lockdown. I used my oven and kitchen the most in 2020 than I have in my last 13 years in this house. I could never successfully make bread before 2020. My cupcakes were also a miss or a hit depending on my luck. Now I consistently churn out bread, cakes, biscuits like nobody’s business! So proud of myself. 🤟😆

The best thing I got out of this whole Covid situation is that my children get to eat my food and they love it. Asking me to make them this and that all the time. Even M. So happy. I post some of my cooking and baking on my Instagram. I am still to shy to post them all. Also, I take horrible photos of them so they don’t do them justice. So I rather not. But rest assured they were devoured with relish.

I am just going to go off and enjoy lunch and the feeling of accomplishment now. 😉