Hello WordPress!

Hello! This is like the obligatory first post. I welcome myself to WordPress. Welcome! 🙂

I have put off this first post for about 4 days now. I signed up on the 7th and today the 11th. In those few days, I tried to familiarise myself with WordPress. Getting completely lost at times. It is too high tech for me. The reason for my move over to WordPress can be found here.

At this present moment, the internet is so slow, it is driving nuts!!! While waiting and writing this, I just realised that this post will be published as the very first post posted on the 7th. So technically what I said above is like I went back in time. In actual fact, I just edited the very first automatic post that WordPress publishes the moment I sign up. So this is a “backdated” post.

I am not so new to the blogging world. I have another blog at Multiply. I will still keep this blog up because I like how they keep my photoblog. I don’t think I need to bog myself down with other sites like Flickr or Photobucket. It will just be another password I have to remember on top of the millions I already have. I even have an account with M&Ms. Yup, those little colourful chocolates. I forgot the password and the user ID when I needed to make a new order. Too many…too many..too many, I tell you!!

Anyway, welcome to the blog and I hope to see you all back here soon!

P/s: I told myself to blog and tweet more this year. I am a lazyass, so I hope I keep it up! 🙂


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