Under the weather..

I thought I could blog a little more before February ended but one little mistake and I got struck down with a full blown fever, flu, sore throat and cough. The mistake I made was not covering myself well enough IN a restaurant and caught a chill from its drafty interior. An hour lunch cost me 5 days of weak ass moping around. I am definitely grammatically wrong there but who cares. That was how I felt at the tail end of last week. It was bad enough I was on other medications, I had to add Panadol (paracetamol basically but a Malaysian cure-all miracle med)  and some flu meds to help me breathe at night. Then there was the cough to battle with which I managed to keep under control with loads of fluids.

The sick week was not totally wasted. I was commisioned or rather asked by my SIL to crochet 20 little confetti bags for my niece’s upcoming communion. I had made 2 sample pieces earlier last week and had her choose either of them. She loved them both and couldn’t decide that she asked me to make 10 of each. This is my first sample piece. I re-did this many times. Not the main pouch but the finishing touches. Deciding on the width of the ribbon area, the flower or type of wave at the top. I scoured the books for a suitable alphabet design and settled on this 2. An “S” and an “R” on the other side. Her initials. The other sample piece took me a little longer because I had to get used to the glitter rings that are placed randomly of the spools I have bought which I thought were perfect for the pouches. Oh, how I regret that decision. But since I bought them and will most probably never do anything else with them besides these pouches, I decided to grin and bear with it and finish those 10 pouches. After a while, I got the hang of working with this thread and in 2 hours with the TV on in front of me, which means I am constantly distracted, I can finish 1 pouch. So far I am 7 down for the glitter thread and 3 more to go! Then it is on to the other 9 for the normal thread which will be a breeze!

Besides these, in the last 3 weeks I finished a long overdue project which I started more than a year ago and launched into 2 others which I finished pretty fast. The latter 2 I gave it to my SIL as I almost never keep any of my crochet and she can appreciate my colourful works. The first one I gave it to my MIL as she loves crochet though she does none herself but she likes the traditional colours, ecru, white, off white, pearl.

The green and yellow ones are finished but not ironed. Aren’t they lovely? *bangga* 🙂 I still have another piece of the first one to make as my MIL wants them for her bedside tables, of which she has 2. It is like the other piece I made for her the last time. She wanted another one identical for her sofas as headrests.

I will end the post with the photos of the birthday gift I made for my MIL a few years back. The head rest only, not the pillow case. 😛

Ps: this entry took me more than 2 hours to finish. I am writing this at work so I keep getting interrupted. And, luckily for autosave, i didn’t lose the whole entry when the cable got pulled off my com and it died on me. :O phew!


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