Happy Women’s Day!


Today is international Women’s Day. So happy Women’s Day to all the women out there! It is your day so enjoy!

Mine started with an alarm buzzing at 7.50 am. Considering we only went to bed at 1 and we had a looooooong dat the day before, I was suprised I could even get up without being all grumpy. But, there is also a story behind that. This year, unconsciously (i say this because I didn’t make any new year resolutions this year nor thought about it) I am trying to change my mindset. A paradigm shift if you will. Smile and nothing is ever as bad as it seems or made out to be. Stress will become peace of mind just by changing my mind. So I am working my mind this year… Zen…

Sheraton gave me a box of chocolates in conjunction of the day. Though i am not a chocolate fan, who doesn’t like to be given beautiful chocolates! That is my box features here. πŸ™‚

In an hour I will be in my third leg of the 4 countries 2 day marathon. The last destination being Malaysia! I am going home!! Shoot! * doing a jig*

Technically I am not doing that jig. I am in the lounge and people would be wondering what is this crazy woman doing. LOL! So I am jig-ging in my heart. πŸ˜›

Also, this is my first time blogging from my mobile via HTC mobile app. Curious to see how it would look. The one on Multiply via email works beautifully.

Toodeloos people! I is boarding nowwwww! Whee!

Side note: interesting how we all become kids when excited. Whee! *skipping to the gate*

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