Mousey’s brush with H1N1…

Hello everyone!

Hopefully you guys didn’t feel lonely the last 2 weeks when I was having my internet withdrawal moments. I lost 2 weeks just like that! Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but I was hoping that I would be able to keep to 10 posts a month. Since I started with this new paradigm shift in my mindset, I have been actively trying to keep my motivation sky high. But I am back now to set the record straight!

Last 2 weeks, I was back in Malaysia where we had an exhibition on and I took the opportunity to go home since it was in my own country. We got back to Malaysia on the 13th of April which was a Friday (come to think of it, it was Friday the 13th!! :P). Got in early and brought Eddy straight for some local food since he couldn’t check in yet and I wanted my laksa. But where we went we were still too early for laksa. Then I went home, my sis’ place, and then my sis and my BIL S sent Eddy to the hotel. That was when the adventure began. Not for me but for my sis and S.

S was having fever on and off for the past week after their disastrous Air Asia adventure weekend in Penang. They have gone to the doctors for 3 times already and the last diagnose was that he possibly had dengue fever. Told to go home and rest and if it got worse, he should go to the hospital the next day. He came home and went straight to bed. I lounged in the hall and didn’t think of checking up on him since he was resting. When my sis came back his fever has worsen and we made a beeline to the hospital. Our plans to go home to Ipoh for the weekend was shelved for my sister.

In the end, only my dad and myself went home to Ipoh. Then the news got worse. S was diagnosed with possibly having H1N1.  He was treated immediately. I urged my sister to contact Air Asia immediately to keep them informed that all who were on that fight could be at risk. After 3 days, his fever still didn’t go down and the doctors were a little puzzled, so was S’s family as they were doctors themselves. After H1N1 which was already under control, the doctors think he has Influenza A  which he probably caught in the hospital as his immune system was low. After almost a week, he was finally allowed to go home. He is still on “house arrest” of some sort. He will back in the skies in another week.

Though the title sounds like I had the highly infectious flu, my sis and I both had high immune systems that we were both protected from it. Not as exciting as the title suggests but that was my brush with H1N1. The last time I had a brush like this, it was when I was flying, right through SARS, twice! 🙂

All in all a quiet, uneventful trip back home.

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