Mousey roller-blading??

All ready for roller-blading


































Spring is in the air and it has been ages since I last roller-bladed. I am not good at it but I can go straight, swerve to avoid people, stop and do a turn-a-bout, albeit a little big of a circle to achieve it instead of the graceful ala ice skaters’ jump and twist. M is amazing at it. He went to the USA in his early 20s with a bunch of friends and discovered roller blades. Something that was new at that time, we are talking about more than 20 years ago. The irony of the situation is such that, roller blades could not be found in Italy yet but it was made by an Italian company. So, the business man in him decided to contact the manufacturer upon his return and set up a roller blade rental kiosk here in Genova way ahead of everyone else and he gave lessons. This little business actually sustained our present main business while in its infancy.

In that whole time, he lived, breathed and ate roller blade. He is so good at it that he was asked to do an ad in a volcanic crater. Sounds far fetched? I thought so too at that time. He had photos as proof!! So I had to zip it! 😛 Actually many know him as the one who roller blades around town and also one of the few crazy ones to ski in the historic centre 20 years ago. This stunt was recently replicated when we had an unusual snowfall earlier this year or as it end of last year. There is a youtube video floating around on this.

Anyway, today while running outside, he must have seen a little boy trying out his new roller blades and he excitedly came back into the office (yes, we are sad that the office on a Sunday. We are perpetually here!) and said “let’s go roller blading!!”. We have been talking about it for some time. I do prefer roller-blading  to running. It seems less tiring. It is. I like the wind in my face and when I need to rest, I just glide. So much easier! But, one thing for sure, my back and leg muscles were aching! It works those back and thigh muscles I never knew I had! Which is a good thing! So many exclamation marks….hahahahaaha! I am excited!

I am writing this while cooling down. Stretching the back muscles while typing this. How? you say? My keyboard is wireless…so easy. Bend over, and leave the keyboard on the floor. Or sit on the chair, with wheels of course, and push it back and forth. Well the lazy man’s stretching. Guilty as charged!

I had a good workout! Though it was a wet and lazy Sunday earlier on, I am now geared up for the rest of the week! Bought some new knee guards as my knees are aching like a 70 yr old and I am all ready! After the accident, my knees have never been the same. It can give way while walking, or climbing up or down stairs. Come to think of it, roller blading would be THE best exercise for my knees.

Exercise! Exercise!!! Ah…my sis would be proud!

I like spring!!! *random thought*

3 thoughts on “Mousey roller-blading??

  1. Looks like a great workout! I haven’t roller bladed since I was a kid. I just saw people doing it at the park yesterday so my friend and I are planning to each buy a pair and go for it!

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