Mousey’s Nail evolution!

After reading a blog post from Misha Janette on nail art in Japan, I was inspired to finally blog about my love for nail art. Not to say I have not blogged about them before, I have, here. It was just a description of my nails more than a blog about nails. My love for nail art didn’t just come overnight. It was a long road. šŸ˜›

It all started when I joined the airline. In my airline we had to have our nails painted red at all times when at work. We were even given a colour palette to adhere to. Being a little tomboyish before I joined, I knew nothing about make up nor nail polish. I just slapped them on when it struck my fancy and away I go. Now I had to learn how to not only paint my nails, it had to be clean without any smudges or dents whatsoever. Then, I had to learn how to make the nail polish last during the flight and not chip with the heavy duty work that we had to do on board. Also because red looks really ugly on very short stubby nails, I had to keep mine a little longer. I tell you, it was a nightmare! because it chipped badly during flight, it had to be retouched during flight. Then when we landed, I had to take it off and repaint them before the next flight out. I had to let my nails breathe between paints. All this painting and taking off of nail polish did not help my nails. And those stains!! *0*

It was a steep learning curve. I shopped around for good nail polish that won’t burn a hole in my pocket.I went through maybe a bottle a month. Max 2 months. Good base and top coat nail polish was a must and highly sought after so that my nails don’t stain. I also learned how to paint with my left hand and not make a mess. Normal nail painting in itself is an art. Over time, I can paint my nails and it will dry right through (meaning it won’t get scratch or “dented” when I move around) all in a hour!! An achievement! I can still do that! I can even do french manicures on myself! *proud*

I also have an arsenal of nail care and hand care products. I have cuticle oil in a nail polish bottle in the office, in a stick for the handbag and a tube of hand cream everywhere! In my handbag, in my office, at home and next to my bed. I am obsessed! with my nails, that is. šŸ™‚ I have a drawer at home dedicated to my nails. When my manicurist was sick for almost 6 months last year, I went crazy shopping for nail colours. I couldn’t go around with my nails all naked. It felt funny. Makes sense? I bought the most amazing colours too! most from O.P.I, some from Revlon. My top 2 nail polish brands. For nail care, Sally Hansen wins hands down! Even their nail polish remover is still the best in the market, to me.

I didn’t find any nail saloons that I really liked.Ā  Either they were too pricey or their manicurist was not as spectacular as mine. šŸ˜¦ I did try the expensive ones out too but, they were just meh in quality and limited in creativity. Though I would love something like this one here, it hasn’t really caught on here in Italy. So my manicurist has forgotten how to do these. She can do the blings and draw free hand but not those clay-like designs anymore (are they called those? I forgot. If I google them, I will get distracted and NEVER finish this post). Though I did tell her I will be her guinea pig if she likes. šŸ™‚

Cherry Blossoms

Aren’t they pretty?? I do admire the amazing works these nail artists do on little tiny canvasses of our nails. *tabik* (salute) When I find an amazing nail artist like this, I would love to go try them out some time. Although I love nail art, I don’t think you will see me sport anything like this next picture. I think they will be too cumbersome to go about my daily life with.

This season’s sherbet colours? šŸ™‚

Can you see the amazing details on those little babies?? Also, these designs are not my style but…they are pretty! šŸ™‚ But…if I lived in Japan I would probably be able to get away with something similar and outlandish. Even now, people stare at my nails. Not just because it is colourful, the work on it is amazing! Not the usual, minimal, french manicure inspired type of designs which almost everyone goes for here. Boring! bleh! Next few photos will be some of the design my fabulous manicurist did for me. I even had a neon green one before, which I LOVE!! I didn’t document all of my different nail arts. Just this few. I think I will update them as I go along…I know, I said that the last time too in my last blog. I will definitely try harder this time. I promise!

March- asked for the blue/black theme to match the wedding theme
for May/June
Balloons inspired

I patiently waited for her to get better and when she did, I jumped right back in! I give a carte blanche with the design. I have no colour restrictions, though she gets worried sometimes and asks me if it is ok she uses neon orange or this shimmer or that. I am like, “go right ahead man! anything!” I always look forward to my nail appointments. I have even bought her some Japanese nail magazines, steered her toward some nail websites so maybe someday she will give me something really outlandish? who knows? I have to admit though, there is a local nail magazine that is quite interesting. But so far I haven’t seen the same outlandish art yet on them. I think they will get there soon.

Now I have to just wait patiently for my next nail appointment which is very soon!!!

By the way, these are all gel on my own nails and not acrylic. šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Mousey’s Nail evolution!

    1. I heard of this a lot. You mean those with the 3D acrylic designs? Those would I think, but these gel designs on nails will not, in my opinion. M is too picky of an eater for me to cook often. Until I have kids, I am saved from chopping my nails. šŸ˜› Ooo..I am so excited to see you gals next week. Will I be able to see Lucas?

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