Mousey joined a weekly challenge…

So, I got to know a cyber friend as they now call it through Facebook and our mutual love of the new Sherlock series on BBC. Which by the way, is THE BOMB!! If you have not seen it, you should. Back to the topic, she started a weekly challenge on FB for her blog. The weeks before, there was a bow/ribbon top challenge. A white shirt/T-shirt challenge. Now there is a purple dress challenge. Then there were also sub-challenges like straw hat, sunglasses, etc.. I took part in all of them so far except for the ribbon/bow top cause I don’t have any and the purple dress cause it was just issued and I haven’t decided which dress I want to send in. 🙂

Last week a challenge for “what is in my bag” was issued and it got me all excited!! Why? I don’t know. It just sounded fun! Maybe i was also looking to see what rubbish I carry in my bag. People always tell me that my bag is heavy and ask whether I am carrying rocks or gold. I wish!! that they were gold, of course! But, alas, that was not to be. What I have in there is now going to be listed. but first a photo.

what is in my bag….all the above!
Ok, in my bag there is a whole host of things. Yes, I carry ALL of that and more. 😛 I used to even carry a water tumbler! They are……
1. Hermes inspired bag (made by local leather shop)
2. Tintamar “carry all” bag organiser (there is a disposable toothpick case at the side)
3. Tintamar “Refresh” make up pouch (there is a mini freezer pack to keep make up fresh too. How cool is that? I don’t use it though)
4. 2012 Diary
5. Moleskin notebook
6. nos. 8 pens (why I need so many I don’t know. I love to write my notes in colour!)
7. Nu Skin antiseptic
8. Johnson&Johnson’s Baby oil
9. Perfume atomiser (with my favourite scent which is becoming increasingly hard to find. Might be out of production. Oh no!)
10. Cuticle oil stick
11. Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream
12. Lip Balm
13. Nu Skin Anti-plaque breath spray (amazing when travelling. rub it over your teeth, feels like you just brushed your teeth!)
14. Revlon lip gloss
15. Maybelline lipstick
16. Tissue paper holder
17. emergency sanitary pads
18. plasters (in my line of work, there is always a use for this)
19. Hygienic wipes
20. Panadol & anti histamines
21. Rayban Sunglasses
22. Hair turtle combs and screwpins (to keep the hair in check)
23. Card holder
24. mirror (red pouch. the way I handle my bag, don’t want the glass to shatter all over)
25 Wallet
26. Ipod
27. HTC
28. Blackberry
29. nos.3 reusable eco-bags (for groceries or anything else. Used to carry more. gave them away where needed)
30. Keys for the office and home.
31. Camera Canon G10 (in use)
Ignorance is bliss! Until I actually type it out do I think that I have sooooooo many things but all packed away into 2 pouches, a wallet, sunglasses and phones. easy to change bags too.
You can read about IA’s own “what is in my bag” challenge blogpost here.
Then, I joined another challenge too. The “Red shoes” challenge. I LOVE ❤ ❤ shoes!! This challenge got me even more excited!! I have quite a collection of shoes. While I read this challenge, I was going through my shoe racks in my head, finally deciding on these 3. I am wearing them to death. 🙂
my red, red shoes…. ❤

Joining these challenges makes me happy! Now to go off and decide on that purple dress! Wonder, what she is going to come up with next. hmm……..

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