I have always been fascinated with pole dancing. I am too chicken to try it out myself. Maybe some day I will. Now it has become a legitimate sport or form of exercise. I say legitimate only because it those day not even a mere 10 years ago, it had a whole different connotation. So I follow a blogger called Kim quite by chance actually. It was because I was following the Olympics and her husband is on our Malaysian cycling team. Being away from home for so many years I am quite behind in a lot of local news. Since I was always interested in pole dancing, (so far only watching :P) her foray into pole dancing caught my attention. While recently trying to catch up on all the blogs that I follow, I saw this on her blog.

I never knew that Malaysia had a male pole dancing of quite an international reputation too! The man has some moves! 🙂 He has added even more flavour to my enjoyment of pole dancing!

Just wanted to blog about this. 🙂

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