Life n Photos – Day 34


Thanks to my friend I found out what this building was. Well, more like just the facade left. It used to be the second Anhalter Banhof. This are its remains which I appreciate greatly that Berlin has kept it. These little gems make Berlin such a beautiful city. Too bad I didn’t have time to explore.

Though yesterday, a kind soul helped me to change some money when all the banks were already closed. The shops did not accept my big note. We ended up chatting and he regaled me with the history and architecture of Berlin. Meeting someone who works in a museum is so much fun! Knowing the stories behind some of the buildings we saw makes me love Berlin even more! 🙂

I want to come back for another visit soon. This time for the city and not for work.

Toodeloos people! Off to Stuttgart in a while.

One thought on “Life n Photos – Day 34

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