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The new media gallery system for WordPress is mystifying me for the moment. But if I continue trying to figure it out, I will get too tired to write this and will give up altogether on writing this post. So, lets start.

Last October, wow, how time flies….back to the point, I was in Bangkok for a short trip of work and pleasure. I just joined the Accor groups as a member, so I thought why not try one of their hotels out for this short 4 day trip. Trawling through theirs site, I decided on VIE Hotel. It is MGallery’s new boutique hotel. It was convieniently located near Ratchatewi BTS station. Which was only 1 or 2 stops from the famous MBK, Siam Paragon and Central World. It looked really good online.

When I arrived, it was even better in real life!! I absolutely loved it!! They even have a free tuk-tuk service to the shopping complexes I quoted above. So, there was no need to even catch the BTS or even a taxi. Only when coming back if you can’t catch them when they are dropping off other guests or I think, if you called the hotel, they would probably send someone to get you. Though I never tried.

What I loved most of the room besides their heavenly beds, is their toilet! I love that they have it all separated. Not too sprawlingly big but big enough and proportionate to the room. You will be able to see what I mean in the photos below. The amenities are all Aigner! Again, here I don’t use them. Being a frequent traveller and also caring for my own hair (which is more often than not, wrecked from all the traveling, change of weather and water), I bring my own amenities and shampoo and conditioners.  I don’t usually get breakfast with the room unless I am there for an exhibition or with M. Cause I am never awake in time before breakfast finishes. I schedule all my meetings after 10am if I can. 😛 So, I can’t tell you about their breakfast selection but I am sure it would have been amazing. 😛IMG_1942

the other view of the room.IMG_1943

The toilet.IMG_1944

the ample bath.IMG_1945IMG_1950 IMG_1949


the amazing toilet area.  IMG_1951

Ok, I shall end this post. Trying to caption each photo worked well till I was half way through. Then it started to have a mind of its own. Anyway, I am sure you have a good idea on the hotel. I definitely recommend a stay at VIE Hotel Bangkok anytime!

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