Are we guilty?

I was watching this crime drama series and after one of their episodes this thought sprung to mind. I had goosebumps and chills  throughout the entire hour of that particular episode. When it finished, it got me thinking, are we guilty? I think we might all be guilty of it in some point of time in our lives. What am I talking about?

Well, this episode was about a girl who was murdered right on a busy street in the city. A crazed knife-wielding man who she didn’t know decided that on that day, he was going to kill her. She was just a random person the man picked up from the crowd. They were surround by onlookers who did nothing, watched in horror, and some even just walked right on by. She grabbed a bank teller whom she was just talking to earlier on while she opened an account to help her. The teller earlier, realising that the girl left her bank book behind, went after the girl to give it back. The girl keep saying, “help me! I don’t know this man! Help me!” She even grabbed on to the teller. All the teller did was to push away her hand and say, “let go of me! go away!” while the man ,kicked the girl and grabbed her hair violently. Another man just walked right by her to his car and put his golf bag in the boot and stared while he pulled her along by her hair, throwing her to the ground and dragged her and eventually stabbed her to death. All this was recorded on a cellphone by a barista from a nearby cafe. No one helped. Never mind that, not even one of them was seen calling the police or for any kind of help. This  entire scene alone got a chill down my spine. IiImagined if it was me or someone I cared about. Totally a scary thought!! @_@

The story starts with bodies found to be shot through the chest with an arrow their hands tied in front of them. Their eardrums ruptured and their eyes covered by rope tied around their head. They all died of exsanguination. In the end, it was the father of the murdered girl taking revenge on those who stood around and did nothing to help his little girl. Do they deserve it? Now that is the debate here.

What would you do in that situation? Though I was shocked (I know it is only a show and it is not real) that no one even tried to do anything, I asked myself if I was ever in that situation, what would I have done? Would I have done any differently from all those in that scene? Would I really have done anything at all? I will never know what I would do until I am faced with that situation. But hopefully I would never have to face that decision, ever!

I can’t speak for others but in my opinion, I think though not to this extreme scenario we might all be guilty of looking away and doing nothing at some point in our lives. Hopefully nothing too grave happened from our inaction. I can only hope that I will have courage to do something if need be.

What do you think?

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