Comeback nails!


It has been a while since I did my nails. The last time I did anything was just before I gave birth to make myself feel better. I was a huge whale and I couldn’t reach my feet to cut my nails and I was so hot most of the time (more like burning) that I couldn’t be bothered with body cream. So I had horrible nails.

I enjoyed getting my nails done in Asia also for their spa treatments. Bloated legs feels so much better in warm water and massage. I felt better about myself too which is a plus considering I am a waddling whale. I was so huge that everywhere I went, they thought I was having twins. YES! I was that huge!

I take care of my daughter myself so she is perpetually with me. She goes wherever I go. So when we finally got a babysitter (only since last month) o jumped at the chance to make an appointment for my nails. I am so glad Z can stay with D without us. Freedom!! So far, we have only used her about 8 times.

At the appointment, Anna, my manicurist extridinaire said she had to give me “forget me not” bears for little Z as a come back present. My first nail art back must be a tribute to her. I ❤ them! Don't think Z can appreciate them yet but I can! The bears are so cute! She is such an amazing artist, This woman is!

Beside the hand, mouth and foot disease taking over my hands they actually make the whole ordeal bearable. 🙂

I have the next appointment already booked! Hehehehe!

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