Still here!

Hello everyone! Yup…I am still here. Sorry to have lost my way again. It has been busy. Though I have a baby sitter now who we have just pinned down for a more definite schedule, I was still busy tying up loose ends and doing some work and definitely slacking off whwn I don’t have Z. Previously, the baby sitter was on a need to have basis, where I call her if we need her and if she can, as she has other part time jobs which I thought was more important for her in this very volatile job market. Now we have officially hired her to take care of Z. I should have more time now for work..and for some of this. 😛

We are winding down for summer so most things are tapering off now but we have things lined up as usual for September which will be quite a rush for us as Italy closes for summer and reopens only early September till mid September. Which basically squeezes all the work that needs to be done into a very warped time deadline. But we are used to it by now.

Anyway, this is a nonsensical post to just say hi. I have been itching to post for some time now and will get round to it. I actually even have a post that I have written half way and got side tracked by clients showing up, so I saved it for another day. I might just go and finish that post up right after this.


Update: I have written a few blogposts and have scheduled them for the next few days….hopefully I can keep you coming back for more. 🙂

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