Trying out something new..

Remember when I said that I prefered to type my blog with a keyboard because I liked the feel of the keyboard under my fingers. I found a solution to this. I now do not have to bring my computer along eveytime, eventhough I have traded in my older and heavier macbook for a lighter and slimmer one. Since i now travel with a toddler in tow anything to lighten my weight is welcomed.

I have to say though that i bought this solutioneven before I was pregnant and when my Note 8 died on me, i completely forgot about this keyboard thatI got in Singapore. It took me some time to find this keyboard as most of the ones available in the market, talking about nearly 3 years ago, were only available for the Ipad. So I was extra excited when I found that could work with my Note 8 at that time.

I have thought about trying it out with my Tab S for some time now. I keep forgetting though I am constantly reminded of it when I see it almost every day on the counter top in the hall where it is stored. I finakky got round to connecting it today and am vey happily typing away on it for this blogpost. Not a very interesting post. Just wanted to share my joy of having a mini fully functionally lightweight keyboard to go with my Tab.

HopefullyI will get to use this more often and blog more since I am now freer, in theory, to blog from anywhere without having to lug around a laptop and to be more careful about leaving my laptop unattended around. My Tab fits perfectly into my bag together with this keyboard that has its own leather cover which can also hold my tab.perfect all in one!

I should add a photo here on how it looks like but am currently in semi darkness, on the bed, next to my napping bumblebee. I shall add it later on. For now, Toodeloos!!

Update: decided to take a photo in the semi darkness with my phone and add the picture to this post. However, I don’t think you can see it’s dimensions well. My Tab is a 7″. So it is small and lightweight. I like!

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