Losing out on a technicality

Not sure if you, the readers, realised that I have been diligently posting a post EVERY single day. 🙂 Just a little upset on the fact that I will be breaking my “a post a day” today. It is still the 18th here, but on my laptop is already the 19th, 4.21am. I thought it over, but I don’t quite like to type a post on my phone. That would really drive me crazy. So, I am losing out on a technicality. Yes, I could just change the time on my laptop but I keep it on Malaysian time for me to keep track of it when I call my family with skype. I do the same with my mobile when in Malaysia. I leave my Italian mobile on Italian time to keep track without having to subtract or add each time I want to make a call. Lest, I wake anyone up and scare the bejesus out of them.

It scares me silly when my phone rings in the middle of the night. Only in emergencies will my mobile ring at night. It happens occasionally that clients don’t realise or remember the time difference and really frightened me. I would wake up shocked, stare at the phone, compose myself when I realise that it is not from home or any other family member and answer. This is the unwritten rule at home. I think it is the same for everyone. If I can, I never turn off my mobile at night. My dad used to ask me why. At that time, I was staying away from home, at college and sharing an apartment with friends. There was no home phone line. Everyone had their own mobile and I was contactable ONLY via my mobile. That was why I kept it on.

One night, I heard my phone’s battery dying. Since I was already in bed, I decided to let it die off. Remembering my dad’s words. It was the old Motorola where we had to change the batteries while the other charges on the charging pods. The next morning, I changed the batteries and the first message I heard over the phone was, “Ann, dad here. I have some chest pains and I am driving to the hospital now.” I was shocked! Next message was, “Ann, your dad is in the hospital. He had some chest pains. Go and see him.” Imagine how I felt that morning. I rushed to class, handed in my assignments and asked a friend to drive me to the hospital. From that day on, when I can help it and I don’t have to ie. in flight, I never turn my phone off. Though my sis says that there is no point having a mobile if I never carry it with me. 😛 She says, the phone and I are almost always miles apart.

In my defense, when I am home or in the office, the mobile is either on the table or the couch and I don’t carry it with me everywhere, like going to the toilet or to the kitchen to get a drink. Cause it is still near me just not attached to me. M says the same. hehehehe! but M does have the worst timing in the world. He calls when I am in the shower, in the toilet doing some business and the only moment I walk away from my mobile. Always! I could be next to it for 23 hrs and 59 mins but that 1 min I walk away he will call. Worst timing ever! >_<

Anyway, I don’t want to change the time just for this post. I shall have to bear with it. *sniff*

Just a photo to end this post. Totally unrelated, of course.

A French Shepard. First time for me seeing one. They are so beautiful!