Friday Blues!

I am not actually blue. It is Friday. I am on an island. Clear blue skies. Deep blue seas. All culminating into a very blue Friday!

blue skies in Sardinia
Blue skies, blue sea, blue outfit….feeling the blues!!

This photo was taken a few months back but at the same island that I am in now. It was a little cooler then. Hence the jeans, stockings and scarf. The weekend is here!! Though it makes not much difference to me here in the store as we are open everyday. It just means, (hopefully) that there will be more people mingling and maybe a sale or to 2 for us. 🙂

In my last scatterbrain post, ( no worries, I plugged the huddle into a power source) I wrote about the hot tv news. (ok, it was lost so you didn’t actually read about it yet! :P) The news warned of the upcoming record high temperatures from the heat wave from Morocco. From that day, the 15th till the 23rd!! I wonder how much hotter will it be. It is, afterall, already 38 degrees! I think we will eventually reach melting point. LOL!!

My reasons to dislike summers is practically making their own case. Winning hands down! Everyone is complaining about the heat but do nothing about it. I mean, how is it possible to stay indoors when there is no wind (even with windows and doors all open), scorching sun and just a (or 2) puny stand fan to cool the ENTIRE house!! On top of that, please do not stay in front of that puny fan because direct wind while sweating is not good for you. It has to be metres away and not too strong. At 1 would be just perfect. @_@!!

No one really believes in air-conditioning nor ceiling fans. I have no idea why!? That is why this summer’s apartment we have here is by far THE BEST ever!! Immaculate apartment. It has everything we would ever need. It was complete with all the daily necessities. It is a little elevated with unblocked views, which also means very windy. Even without the wind, it is cool inside. The apartment complex has beautiful lush greenery which helps cool the place and all kept in order by a gardener everyday! AND…it has a ceiling fan in the master bedroom!! It is much welcomed after a loooooooooong day at the shop. Cool and comfortable sleep. No mozzies either!! A hop, skip away from the shop! Perfect combo for a great summer!!

For this I am thankful for how everything has turned out in our favour! We couldn’t find a reasonable place to rent at first so we waited. This was our reward for being calm  and patient. 🙂 🙂

As they say, “Patience is a Virtue!!”

Thank you to the world!

Happy to have a good, clean, cool and comfortable place to rest every night!

Toodeloos from the blue, blue Porto Cervo, Sardinia!

saying hello from Sardinia!

From Our Balcony

This photo is from the 1st day. We left Genoa last Thursday on an overnight ferry for Olbia in our WV van. MIL, Milo and I with M at the drivers seat in the van. My FIL on his scooter behind us and our mechanic with another van right behind him. It was the best start to the journey but we managed. We were delayed leaving Genoa by 1 and half hours but surprisingly we made up time and arrived as scheduled. Tirrenea the ferry company redeemed a few points in my eyes. It is usually the worst among the lot that services the Genoa-Olbia route.

After disembarking, we made our way slowly toward Porto Cervo. Taking in the lushes green hillsides and the bluest seas ever! Even my MIL was impressed. She wasn’t in the best of moods as she was feeling a little unwell in the ferry and the whole time leading up to this summer holiday, she was complaining about the heat in Genoa, thinking it would be just as bad here. She also said that she would rather go down south and so on. I reassured her that she would find the apartment we found here in Sardinia would be to her taste and she would enjoy the balcony immensely as she likes to sit out in the open and have a smoke. Even if the beach is not near. We are after all at a port. We prefer to have a place near to our shop since we  are opened till 1 or 2 am. After a long evening we want to just walk home and crash.

True enough, that was the best part of the apartment for her! Apart from the fact that the apartment was spotless and lack nothing. It had everything! Being used to the southern version of rental units, she was pleasantly surprised. We lugged half a home with us. We even brought along an ironing board and and iron. That is how much faith we have in the rental units here. But the north and more commercialised areas have a better grasp of the market. They have thought of everything to make your stay comfortable so that you would keep coming back. I can’t say the same for the south though. Unless they are an international chain of hotels or managed by a foreigner. Like an absolute jewel of a hotel on Ortigia in Sicily run by an English woman. It had everything, great breakfast and free wifi and most importantly air-conditioning! Something sorely lacking elsewhere.

The heat here is just as bad but we have been having some very windy days that make for a very great working environment so far. It is so hot that I can’t bring myself to go for a run. Though I did about 3.5km yesterday when the wind has been so strong it  didn’t feel like it was 42 degrees at all! 🙂 I was a little “chau ta” in the face though. The sun sneaks up on you when the wind is so strong. It is deceptive. But, at least I got a run in for this week. We found a gym nearby. We are still in negotiations for a better price for the usage of the gym. It is currently too high to for just 10 entries. At Euro 200!! We are at Porto Cervo, after all. Can you see all the yachts that are berthed at the port in picture? There has been more since Sunday.

This is our reason to be here on the island of Sardinia. To sell our vespas!

Got to go! The shop filling up with clients. Hopefully we sell ALL of our vespas! 🙂

Toodeloos for now fro, Sardinia!! ❤

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