Supposedly the worst snow we have had in the last 30 years. It was announced just yesterday that it will snow really hard today. It is predicted to be so bad, schools are actually closed today. It was just mild throughout the night and this morning but now at around 4pm earlier it started to come down hard. Everyone is now trying to make their way home now. Genoa is a hilly and curvy city. We are part of the Riviera so technically we enjoy temperate weather. It snows maybe max 1 week altogether in any given year. Sometimes even less. This winter I think we saw about by now 4 days? or is it 3? If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen my horrible attempt at a mini snow angel for my sis which ended up looking more like a bell than an angel. 😛

Please excuse the shaky video and not so good commentary. I heard from the cousin as she was leaving the office that it is sowing heavily and that she is leaving now to get home. I jumped up, got my camera and started filming. Didn’t know what I was going to do about it. I just thought that this might be a good post. See, how hardworking…. >_< Can’t blame the cousin for getting off early. She lives a little further away and to get to her place, the roads are curvier and a lot more steep and narrower than mine. Those who have been to my place will know, that is quite bad. At any one time, only a car can be going either up or down. The other has to find a hole to squeeze in and let the other pass. Worst when there is a bus.

M just went to get the quad bike for tonight. Guess what is our mode of transport today? The little big kid is having fun whenever it snows. 😀 Can’t use our vespas as they are a tad unstable in all this snow and steep curvy roads. Especially with slush and ice. On flat roads, it is fine if we go slow but here in Genoa…..well, dangerous. Where my inlaws stay it is worse. Snow is fine but when it melts and becomes ice there is no way you can get home. My BIL innovative way of getting home is a cardboard box sliding down the road and then on all fours crawl his way back a few metres up to the door. Welcome to Genoa!

So far I am enjoying the snow from the comfort of my office, in front of my desk at work. Ok, technically not working now as I am sneaking in a blog post. This is how I am braving the snow. Now back to work.

Was going to post about CNY but maybe the next post.

The Siberian Breeze

As most of you might know, Europe is going through a very cold spell in the last 2 weeks. It has been reported to be cause by the cold Siberian breeze blowing into northern Europe. It has reached Italy last week. Blew into northern Italy last Friday. All of us was expecting to come straight down. However it made a turn is now wrecking havoc along the Adriatic Sea. In strange places that don’t usually see so much snow or at some places no snow at all to about 4 metres of snow and -25˙C.

The regions affected are Toscana (Tuscany), Umbria, Marche, Emilia Romagna, Abruzzo, Molise, Campania e Basilicata. If you can read Italian, this update is from an hour ago. Rome is on alert for further snowfall. Rome was paralysed when it snowed 2 weeks ago. They were not prepared as it was the worst they ever had for the past 30 years. Rome is usually a very warm. Much warmer than it gets here in the Italian Riviera. Here are some photos of the snow.

Some parts in the south is also under threat. Now all the news channels and newspapers are teeming with activity and updates. In between the slot in some updates of the Costa Concordia tragedy which is still very hotly debated. Now on TV, they are debating the ineffective way Rome has handled itself in the snow episode that closed airports and trains stations with trains stopped along the tracks with no help and with thousands stranded. No updates given and journeys that normally took an hour took 8 or more instead. I wonder how long this is going to last.

While all this happening…I didn’t bring my plants in in time. They are shriveled and dying from the cold, the ice and the wind. After they were blanketed by snow, it was too late. I hope they survive this winter. In the mean time an electric blanket is keeping me warm and cosy in bed. Also, I am thinking whether I should sign up and get a weekly interactive lesson to learn code from Codeyear. Is this any good?

Note: photo from Sky TG24. website.

Bad weather in Abruzzo Pescara