Watches! Watches! Watches!

As you can see I am using the gallery mode again. I realised that my last photo gallery, the photos came out too small. I couldn’t even zoom into them to fully enjoy my stationery. 😦 So this time, I changed them to the full size. Fingers crossed, this tech moron did something right this time.

Back to the topic at hand. I have been following this designer for a few years now and I love his work!! His watches are one of a kind. He was one of the founders and designer of the watch Quatro Valvole of Meccaniche Veloci. He has since left that company and with it he took his creativity and now the watches of MV is bland with no new innovations (totally my own perception, of course). Then he started with another partner a new venture. His talent can now be found in Quarto Di  Miglio!! For the moment the site is only in Italian but because I love them so much, I have decided to help them out on the other front! I am working with some friends to bring the English and Chinese version of their website so the rest of the non Italian speaking world can enjoy their fabulous works of arts too!!

I got to know Marco a few years back from an ad company who was handling his company’s communications. They were looking for someone to help them design and construct an exhibition stand at the world famous Basel watch and Jewellery fair. They loved our design and we got to working with them. Before we knew it, we became fast friends. Marco is a man full of passion for all his designs. If you ever catch him anywhere ad get him started on his watches, you can see the passion light up in his eyes and he will whip out his laptop and show you his designs while explaining his inspiration behind each and every one of them. His is such a prolific designer that he churns out new and exciting designs every so often. You can follow QDMs progress on facebook.

I love their watches so much. I actually own a few of them. 😛 I even have one personalised with my initials. They Love Me, I tell you! 😀 Recently, they have asked me to help get into the Asian market. and I have agreed to help them. I know nothing of the watch industry but I am now working on it! Hoping to create a distribution line for them all over the world!!! I shall conquer the world!! bwahahahahaha!!!! That is some self encouragement on my side. Anyone interested in having the distribution or selling or even owning these watches send me an email and I shall get back to you. 

Doesn’t this look gorgeous!! I didn’t use to wear huge watches before but after knowing Marco, he has changed my life! 🙂 I now ONLY wear his watches.  Either  QDM watch which is 99% of the time or I lapse and wear his MV watch. But always his watches! Enough about Quarto Di Miglio. I would have to start getting technical if I continue writing.  Just wanted to rave about QDM and their amazing watches! We even made a line for our Pharoans Rally Vespa Team. 🙂 Did I tell you I love them?? I do! ❤

I am in a loving mood! ❤ ❤ 😀

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