Musical Memories

“Let the music heal your soul,. Let the music take control.”

I want to talk about how I felt yesterday when I was running and a Scorpion song started playing on my Ipod. I couldn’t help but smile. I started to sing along and even did some head banging and air guitar-ing where appropriate lest I fall of the treadmill. 😛 Then I thought of all the other metal/ rock songs I have in my Ipod from the 80s. Metallica, Guns & Roses, Eagles all started to pop in my head. It made me smile so wide I nearly wanted to slow the treadmill down and start scrolling for these songs. I thought better of if when another song I liked and haven’t heard for so long started playing. Remember Jordan Hill with the song “Remember me this way” from Casper the movie? I wondered what happened to her??

I like it how random songs pop up when I put my playlist at shuffle. Most songs bring back memories of that moment that seems like it was just yesterday but when you actually think about it…damn! it has been almost 15 years or even 20!! :O some songs remind me of specific people and then my mind wanders to them and wondering what they are doing right now? Where are they in the world? The more I thought about it, the more I think music does play a big part in peoples life. It manages to evoke memories than anything else.

I was never one who could tell who the singer was nor the title of the song. I could almost always sing the chorus though. I didn’t even really own any CDs or tapes. Very few. Matter of fact, I got my first mp3 player just a few years back. Even if I had canggih (meaning state of the art in Malay) phone I still did not have any music in them. Even now. Then I moved to Singapore and met Dee. She is one big music fan! Thanks to her I made more of and effort in music. Now I even surprise myself when I can recognise the first few verses of the song on the radio! Recognise the singer by their voice AND know the title of the song. I have come a long way.

I am sure everyone has had the moments when the song plays and you remember vividly where you were and what you were doing. Whenever “Lemon Tree” plays, though most of us hated the song after a while because it was being overplayed and sung in so many languages it was like having verbal diarrhea everyday, I still remember being in the car back in 95′ being driven home after tuition. I remember vividly, that I was commenting on the song and half catching myself singing away. Then, KC &Jojo’s song “All My Life” brings me back to the beginning of 98′ just before college graduation in KL at a friends house. So so so vividly it gives me goosebumps. Even now.

Zainal Abidin’s “Hijau”, I see myself huddled over a radio with a pen and paper trying to get the lyrics. Yes, there was a time you had to do that to get the lyrics if they didn’t come with the cover of the tape. And yes again, TAPE. Sheila Majid’s “Lagenda” brings back P. Ramlee’s celebrations and his movies and Search’s “Isabella” brings forth the image of my cousin singing this song with his fist mike in his living room while we were all laughing around him. Ahh…..good times!

There are so many more….

What are your musical memories? Do share!

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