My BIGBANG theory

I am no talking about the intellectual creation of the world Big Bang Theory. I am talking about the Korean boy band BIGBANG. I stumbled upon them last year while “catching” up on my fill of the Asian drama series. I was watching one of the Korean dramas and I think one of them had one of their songs as the OST. I liked it enough to go search for it and that was how I came to know of them. Browsed their other MTVs online and got hooked for more and in the end I even bought one of their albums!! 😛

I even searched out some of their movie or drama series debuts just to watch their acting and maybe hear their non singing voices. I am such a curious cat. Why does it even matter, I don’t know either. LOL!! You can’t actually say, I am a fan either. I can’t really remember the names of the members except for T.O.P because WHO in the right mind has a name like that?? Again, because of my curiosity, I went in search for the reason behind his name. Came up with nothing! Maybe it is something like the Thai phenomenon of having nicknames because their names are too difficult to pronounce or remember. I swear, in my 3 years in Thailand, I still do not actually know the  names of some of my uni mates. I always call them by their nicknames which is what they introduce themselves with. Unless you make an effort to find out their real names, you would probably never make the connection (like I didn’t) between their given name to their nicknames. I got requests in the past on FB with names I have never heard of until I clicked on their photos and go….”so THAT’S your real name”. It is shameful on my part, I know. Sorry guys!

I don’t go gaga over the fact that they won some awards, or that they are having a concert somewhere near that I want to ABSOLUTELY go to. But I am curious to meet them in person, like I am curious to meet Benedict Cumberbatch in real life. Though I have met the Godfather of Hindi movies Amitabh Bachchan, a huge favourite of mine!!! I was awestruck when I was introduced and shook his hand. We even took a group photograph to remember the day. My friend commented that that was the first time she saw a forever chatty Ann speechless! *shy* hehehehe! I was speechless! He sat behind me throughout the screening of Sarkar which was a tribute to the American movie the Godfather. I did not understand a single word as it was a pre-screening of the final cut  without subtitles of the movie before it hits the big screens, for Amitabh, who was filming his new movie in Bangkok. A friend of mine translated the entire movie to me. Bless her!

I digress, as usual! Ok, back to the topic. I don’t find them attractive and their fashion sense is not my taste but I do like their music. Why? I have no idea. I like listening to them. Do I actually understand Korean? Nope! I speak about 6 languages (including Chinese dialects) but not Korean. It would be great if one day I can actually speak the language but for now, I have to be contented with just their music. Maybe what happened to me with Eros Ramazotti might happen to me with BIGBANG. This needs explanation.

Somehow, and some time back, who knows when exactly, I fell in love with this Italian singer’s music. This is way before I even knew my husband or any Italian for that matter. There was another singer too but he was less well know internationally so, it was harder to find his albums. I was listening to him and could possibly sing along to most of his songs without understanding a single world that is being sung. Fast forward a few years (how many exactly? again I don’t know) and I was standing in a clothing store in the south of Italy and Eros’ MTV came on. I stood there staring into the small little screen completely in awe because I could now understand what was being sung. It was a moment of revelation!!!

So who knows, someday I might be able to understand Korean. The way life works, it might have something prepared for me that I will end up learning another language. Or I might meet them like I did Amitabh. One can hope, right? 🙂

P/s : Added their photo in the end just in case you were wondering who they are. 🙂

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