Remedy-ing my withdrawal..

Though in my last post I was lamenting about not being able to blog, I have not found anything interesting enough to blog about the last few days. Well, maybe also because I was busy.  Got into Singapore last Friday and immediately I went over to Singtel to find out how come the data plan that I have activated didn’t work. Yes..I was still dealing with the “no internet” withdrawal. I found out that it was because my sim card was a 2G one and I need a 3G one for it to work. In order to get a 3G one I have to change numbers as mine is a prepaid sim that I have been using for the last 3 years is just that, a prepaid sim, If I want to keep the number, I have to sign up for a post paid. After mulling it over for about 10 mins, i decided, no one really knows my number except for family and close friends anyway, and I can always update them on my new number. So, I queued up again only to be told I need my passport or my EP card to register the new prepaid.  Guess what I didn’t bring with me??

I do have to say though, that when I called the customer service line of Singtel, they were very helpful and efficient. The moment I found out that I could activate the data plan even for prepaid cards, I wanted to jump and shout for joy!! Yes, I was that bad into my withdrawal.  They told me to sms a certain number and follow the instructions. I followed the sms instructions and activated my HTC for it. It was all over and done with in less than 2 minutes. How cool was that?? But, after switching my HTC on again after the recommended time, it still didn’t work. I was crestfallen. So dramatic, right? I have drama in my blood….bwahahahahaha!!! The rest, you know, as I have explained above.

So, because this aunty here forgot her documents, she had to get it done only the next day as when she got back to the hotel it was already 5 and she had a dinner appointment at 7 and was too knackered after sleeping too late the night before, waking up early to get to the airport, she decided to get some rest. why am I speaking of myself in the 3rd person, I don’t know. Just wanted to do that. oooo…it deserves a mention too that the KLIA ekspress has free 4G YES internet connection in its trains. Found out just as we were pulling into the station. it was a bittersweet revelation.

The next day, Jen and Syahrul arrived bright and early and I dragged them both on the most important errand with me. They were lucky however, that we passed the 313 shopping mall first, so I left them there while I went to get my internet life back on track. Took awhile but it was done!! The first thing I did was to check my Twitter. 🙂 I am back online!! Yeah!!! *punching the air*

I proceeded to twit and check on other updates. Didn’t manage to twit a lot but the important thing was that I am back online. Then the weekend past in a blur of great company, great food, shopping and a wedding dinner of an ex-colleague. I had fun!

I am now back in Italy and here I have no problems with my internet connection. Happy…happy!!! 😀

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