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My Generasi

Click on the link above and it will bring you to a youtube video on my generation’s version of Facebook, Ipad, PSP and so forth.

When my friend posted this link on my FB page I had so many thoughts on it. First thing that I thought of was, “wow! these are grown ups and how did they find primary school uniforms to fit them?”. In Malaysia, we have  uniforms for our schools which is the same uniform for ALL students in Malaysia unless you are going to a private school, who then have their own uniforms. We have dark blue or some call it navy blue pinafores with white shirts for the girls and for the boys, the same blue pants or shorts with white shirts for primary students. Elementary school for the US school system. In our secondary school, high school for the US system, the girls have light blue or azure blue as some call it, pinafores and white shirts and military green pants with white shirts for the boys. Each school then have their own take on the uniforms for their prefects or librarians. For example, my school colours are red, so as a prefect, my uniform, apart from the blue pinafore is a red skirt, white shirt, red blazer and red tie. While the librarians in my school have bright navy blue skirts, white shirts and blue tie. So, anyway, while I commented on that, my friend told me that they probably had them tailored. Good point! The girls looked good in the uniform. 🙂

Next, it was so so wrong to see a primary school kid with so much hair on his legs. I personally think he should have opted for the long pants. It marred my enjoyment of the video just a little bit. A teeny weeny bit. Come on, if any of you saw the video, you would think the exact same thing!! Don’t lie! 😛 Then, the games were right on! We did play all those games. We collected bottle caps furiously and oh, how we hurt ourselves sometimes on the edges of the caps. Still it was fun! The five stone game is usually not made up of stones. I remembered I sewed my own using rice as the insert. Then, the constant badgering to our mothers to buy us whole huge packets of rubber bands to make that rope. And wow could we jump! I remember right after our national UPSR exams, classes were a little slack. We were allowed to bring in board games and such to school to pass time. Our school provided congkak. This game still bring backs loads of memories everytime I see one. The last, I saw one was at an International Tourism exhibition and I think Malaysia’s stand had a congkak and some people playing it on display and an awesome teh tarik man making tea back in 2008. I came back to “visit” my own country’s stand everyday for a dose of teh tarik! 😛 I was there for a Thai hotel.

Every year without fail, there is a book which we called autobiography book that will circulate nearing the end of the school year. Especially so if anyone is changing schools, moving away or changing classes. That was our version of Facebook. Hmm…I wonder where is mine now? I have changed a few schools AND moved to another town. Wouldn’t it be fun to look through it again. We write the silliest things in it. First a full biography complete with the name, birthday, address, birthstone, zodiac, favourite colours, foods, games etc…

In the end, the video summed up my primary school very well! Thank you JinnyBoyTV for bringing me down memory lane to such a simple life then. Most of our games were home made and readily available. It never runs out of power, never needs to be charged, easily transportable and costs next to nothing. Anyone can play and the more the merrier!!!

And just to scare everyone AND give an idea of how our uniforms look like I posted a picture of myself here. I even attended a Uni where i had to wear uniforms. Saves me the trouble of thinking of what to wear. LOL!

High school

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