Skin Care – Lancome

Pretty mundane entry. I just wanted to rave about a line of skin care that I have been using for years. I am not paid for this. This is just my own tried and tested love for the products.

I first got introduced to this brand Lancome back in 1998 when I first joined Singapore Airlines. Every other year, SQ has a contract with different make up brands to teach their skin care and make up classes. For my year Lancome was the company. I don’t really have a skin care regime going on even when I was in school. My sis did. She would take care to wash her face properly and put on moisturiser which probably explains why she has such porcelain skin and need minimum care even now. All I did was just wash my face. I did not even bother with moisturiser. Also, I hardly had make up on.

So, my first formal introduction to any kind of skin care and make up was through this classes. Being new to it, I bought most of the items “recommended” and over time left out some and acquired others. I realised that I didn’t need to spend the amount I spent on make up from them. I could get cheaper alternatives elsewhere where eye colours and blushers were concerned but I found out that for make up removing no one tops them. Personal view of course. Now more than 10 years on, I still only use their make up remover and toner, eye make up remover and eye cream. Even through my lean years (in Uni where I supported myself), Lancome was still the only product I splurged on. I realised that you can use ANY type pf make up as long as you have a good base it doesn’t matter. and one of my good bases is Lancome!

eye cream
eye cream

Here are the pictures of the items I use. These pictures are taken from the official Lancome website. Just raving!

You will realise that there is no mention of moisturisers and face cream but that is for another entry of another amazing product!

Make up remover
facial wash
eye make up remover

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