Mousey is missing Milo…

My darling Milo

It is Mayday today and I am home alone and relishing every moment of it. M is in Torino (Turin) on a off road circuit testing out his other off road vespa which he is planning to use for the Africa Race next year. So I am being the couch potato with my laptop on my lap (hahahahaa…where else do laptops go? they are called LAPtops….) and the TV, channel surfing from time to time. A few channels are showing different episodes of Cesar Millan, the programme I absolutely LOVE! To get pointers on my dealings with Milo and of the adorable dogs that he handles.

Today, one of the programmes had 2 Frenchies. I was eager to see what their problem was and to just watch them. They were SO CUTE!!! Made me miss my darling Milo. The owner, a Hollywood actor, director and writer has 2 adorable Frenchies who to him he couldn’t control. They took him for walks instead of he taking them for walks. They lunged at anything that passed them and bolt right out the door when there is anyone at the door. The comment he made that made me laugh out loud was that one of his dogs had the really sad doeful eyes that always makes him feel guilty whereas the other one has the corner eyeball look all the time as if asking him “what do you want” almost smirking. Describing Milo exactly! He does the doeful eye when he is wondering where we are going and when we are leaving without him. He has the corner eyeball look when I try to get photos of him or when he is sulking and having his back to me. 😀

Milo now lives with my in-laws. M and I make the excuse of us being horrible owners and wanting to live our couple life free of dog duty which is partly true but mostly we want to leave my in-laws, especially my MIL with company. Our constant travelling is very disruptive to the routine of Milo. He has a routine already well established with my in-laws. So, we feel that it is better to leave him with my in-laws since whenever we are in town, we are over there at least 3 times a week. Another reason, is that my in-laws are older and they can’t hear the doorbell and there has been people preying on the fact that there are old people only at home, the have tried to steal stuff. Stray cats wander in and steal food. With Milo, all the unwanted guests are kept at bay and whenever there is someone at the door, he alerts my in-laws.

My FIL has a cute routine with Milo. Every morning when he has his biscuits and coffee, Milo is perched on the chair, which they allow him to be on, my FIL feeds him the other half of the coffee dunked biscuits. Next, my MIL will be doing her morning chats with Milo while he remains perched on the chair listening to her conversation. They are too cute to watch!!! 🙂 🙂

Though Milo stays with them, he is still my darling! Know how they say that dogs recognise only 1 owner? This is true. He respects and is close to the whole family but he recognises me as his owner. When I walk into the room, no one else matters. Such a boost for my ego! LOL!!! I did train him well! Cesar says you have to show that you are the pack leader and I am. He begs, paws and jump on the others but not me. Not the behaviour I encourage so he doesn’t do it to me. He never begs me for food at the table because I NEVER acknowledge his begging and when I stand up he backs off away from the table regardless of who he is begging from. But I am always admonished by my in-laws for being too harsh on Milo. I am NOT!! I just believe that dogs should not be allowed to disturb anyone at the dinner table and not be fed any of our food which is too salty or too many spices, not good for any dogs’ digestive tract. What’s more, Milo has an allergy.

But we trained him well. He is a damn good traveller. He has been to so many places and absolutely loves being on a bike with wind in his face. His disgestive tract activities leaves much to be desired and his snoring…goodness me! keeps everyone awake if you  are in the same room. But he is an absolute joy with his comical antics and his ability to just settle in anywhere!

I got to go soon. Going for a run and right after that, going to have dinner at my in-laws and see Milo!!!

Leaving you with a curious Milo…. 🙂

Milo in Patti Marina, Sicily


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