Sampdoria is back in Seria A!!!

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If you followed my twitter or even my update on “Life in Photos”, you will see that I had a great Saturday. I am not an avid football fan but in a land of football (soccer for Americans) you get swept into the celebrations. What’s more if your in-laws are ALL Sampdoria fans. Except for my husband, they are all Sampdoria fans. The hardcore fans are my FIL, BIL and nephew. FIL NEVER misses a game at the stadium if it is played at home. Now, if you are a football fan, you might recognise this team. I am not a hardcore football fan so I didn’t till I came here but my brother did. He follows most of the leagues especially those teams that have been in the EUFA like the other more famous teams like Juvetus, Milan AC and Inter Milan. Some cities have 2 football teams much like Manchester City and Manchester United. Truthfully, I never knew there was a Manchester City till they got into the Premier League a few year back but Man U? It would be blasphemy if I didn’t! My brother is a great fan of Man U!! I had an ex who is an Arsenal fan so, Arsenal is also known to me. To really irritate him, I will cheer for Chelsea always, doing a little dance and singing “Chelsea, Chelsea!” LOL!! All in good fun! I also never miss the World Cup. I watch it whenever I can. Suffice to say, I know more about football than M and that is not a feat. M has no interest in football except to maybe watch Italy in the World Cup every 4 years.

As I was saying, Genoa like major cities here in Italy, has 2 football teams. It seems Genoa is the older and first football team, and supposedly in Italy too. I don’t know how true this is. Then there is Sampdoria. Easily identifiable bu their colours (duh!) and the emblems (double duh!). I know, I know…. Anyway, Genoa has the Gryphon and its colours are dark blue and red affectionally known as “Rosso Blu” (Red Blue) whereas Sampdoria has the eagle and red, white,  blue and black also known as “Blue Cerchiati” (Blue circle?). All Sampdorianis do not like gryphons and I say this because when we started the vespa restoration company and designed a logo with a gryphon on it, my FIL was visibly upset. It was funny! 😀 We incorporated a gryphon because the original Piaggio (the company that makes vespas) has a gryphon on it. We changed it to a dragon.

Why the big celebration? Well, last year, Sampdoria played really badly and got relegated to Seria B. Something that was unfathomnable to most. In the last 6 years here and maybe more (since my brother has heard of Sampdoria means they were quite a team) they have always been near the top of the table. And for them to do so badly and get relegated was devastating. The constant playful taunting from the Genoanas was heartbreaking for my FIL. 🙂 Poor fella! It was worse because just 2 years ago, Genoa was in Seria B and when they got up to Seria A they blazed their way to the top of the table while Sampdoria slipped down the rankings and eventually fell off the table.

But within 1 season, they are back!!! This was what all the celebrations was about. Last Saturday was the determining game and we made it!!!!!!! Wohoo!!! I am not a true fan but a fan none the less. I went with M to the historic centre to celebrate with the family. Paid a little homage to Sampdoria and saw the crazy crowd in action. Celebrations went on till wee hours of the morning. At 5 am, the horns were still honking on the streets. Whoever who watched the game at home all come out in full force to celebrate. Streets were packed, there was traffic especially near the expo centre at Foce where they have set up a open air cinema-like area for the fans to watch the game. To give you an idea how big that area is, they usually have the travelling circus or theme parks set up there complete with the area for all their caravans and 18 wheeler trucks. That is how big that area is. There was fireworks, drinking, singing, horns and loads of flag wavings! It was fun!! Even the children were out with their parents. From babies to toddlers. Some were even fast asleep among all the ruckus! I don’t know how they could sleep through ALL that noise.

It was a fun Saturday night. A different twist to the usual Saturdays. 🙂

I will leave you with videos of that night’s madness.You can even see me in one of them giving my tribute. hahahaha! 😛


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