Back to reality!

So so sad. Our Annual Girly Trip (AGT) is over. 😦 and it is back to reality. Stayed over for a night at Dee’s before waking up LATE for my flight back to Kuala Lumpur (KL) all because we were sooooooo tired from ALL our travel and we set the wrong timing for the alarm clock. Hehehehe! But I managed to make the flight in time.

Am now back in KL and I dove right into my workouts again after a looong, relaxing and extremely fun week away. Feels good! Though today’s trip to a Chinese massuese was really painful!

What is more painful now is the fact that I am writing this on my BIL’s IPad and it is driving me nuts!! @&$*^%!!!!

I am going to give up writing this post on account of this blardy IPad ! Arrrggghhhhh!!!

Ok…ciao! Laters!


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