Ferragosto in Italia!

Porto Cervo
Clear waters of Porto Cervo port.

Today is Ferragosto! An Italian mid-August holiday. I have linked in English what this holiday means but the Italian has more details. The gist of the day is explained in both languages.

arrgghhhhh……I wrote like a whole page for this entry and it all went to the dogs because I didn’t realise that my internet huddle was out of battery. Clicked publish and poof! it all went missing. I spent the last 3 hours on this post. Being constantly interrupted as I am in the shop. I don’t have anymore time to re-write this. I don’t want to. It is almost midnight and Ferragosto is coming to an end. It will be the 16th soon and the whole point of the post was about this day.

I will make a better effort for the next post and not be such a scatterbrain!! In my defence, I am in the shop and there are clients walking in and out all the time. 🙂

Good night from Sardinia! Toodeloos!


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