Happy 55th Birthday Malaysia!!

Malaysian Flag
Proud to be Malaysian!! (pic taken from the web)

Today is the last day of August. It is also the day that Malaysia proclaimed its independence 55 years ago. It is also the day that I celebrate on my own regardless of where I am. Which is usually outside of Malaysia. πŸ˜›

The past few years I have taken to flying the Malaysian flag in the office (though we are usually closed this time of the year for the great Italian summer holidays). Today, I am still on the island of Sardinia celebrating by myself, as I doubt that there are any Malaysians here at Porto Cervo. Wait! I met another Malaysian from N. Sembilan at our shop. Though he might not be here anymore as he follows his boss around for business. πŸ™‚

Every year, I tell everyone who would listen that today is the day Malaysia gained its independence. It is our National Day! Although I have not lived in Malaysia anymore since 1998, I still celebrate in my own way, Merdeka Day. Though I live far away, Malaysia will always be a part of me and I am glad that I do not have a reason to give up my citizenship unlike others who are from war torn countries. The ease of travel is also another bonus point.

What I miss from Malaysia is the food! Not so much the weather. Of course, my family too but they are not the issue here. I get to talk to them almost everyday but Malaysian food is another thing altogether! Which is probably why I stuff myself to the hilt whenever I am back. hmm…..

Anyhow, I shouldn’t ramble on when all I want to do with this entry is to wish Malaysia a very Happy Birthday! Independence Day! Merdeka Day!! May we reach our goals as a nation and toward a safer Malaysia!

Lots of love from Malaysian living abroad!!

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