Crosswords are puzzling!

Hello! Since September started, I have been occupied. Friends came over for a visit for a week. They have just left yesterday for London. I had a great time with them! 🙂

On a different note, I have been helping my nephew with his crossword puzzles in Italian, (super amazing,right? especially when my Italian sucks, big time!) and I got intrigued to get myself a crossword puzzle book too. Only problem was, I live in Italy, and ALL the crossword puzzle books on the stands are in Italian. So, I almost gave up on the idea on finding any English crossword puzzles until I get home to Malaysia or if I went to London by any chance.

But, I got lucky when I took the boys to Cannes for a visit. Cannes being the “international” environment that it is had shops which stock more English items. While we were strolling in the back lanes to avoid the hot sun, we stumbled upon an English bookshop! If I am not mistaken, that is even the name of the shop! No need to be all artsy-fartsy to find a name. The name said it all. After all, she might be the ONLY one in Cannes that is fully English. The owner is English too.

Then, I got luckier. 🙂 I found the ONLY crossword puzzle book she had left AND it is a British production. Hmm…is this the right word to use? I have been mulling it over for 10 mins, looking for the word. I guess this will have to do. Production it is then. It had to be British because I have done some word puzzle games on my phone and it was agonizing. I don’t know some of the words or slangs because they were in American English.

All this luck ended, when I tried to do the crosswords. >_<  Why? I felt lost from the very first word across!! I think this book is like for professional crossword puzzlers. I am an amateur at this. I am used to doing the “pop” version of crossword puzzles. You know the ones that you find at the back of magazines and newspapers? Those, I am able to at least get some blank boxes filled. 🙂 I am so bad at this crossword thingy.

I just thought to share my own sad shortcomings. My super awesome brain is working on low now… hahahahaha!!! I am tired. I should be in bed but I was hungry. Just so I don’t go to bed immediately after eating, I am writing this. How hardworking is that?

They say, the first step is always the hardest and I broke that no blogging thing today after almost 9 days of no blogging. Proud of myself! *beams*

So, this is for now. Goose night!!


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