Another year etched on the tree of life

shoe chocolates
Chocolate shoes! My idea of a cake topping. Ice-cream cake with chocolate shoe topping. Heaven!!

I wanted to share a recent picture of me but I can’t find my camera anywhere! I am actually in panic mode now but I am telling myself to calm down as I remember giving the camera to M 2 days ago. I will have to ask him about it tomorrow. Or rather later today. No wonder, I felt that there was something missing from my handbag the whole day yesterday. It is only after midnight here in Italy. We decided to close the shop early tonight. Almost on the dot, we closed our doors.

The recent picture is of my nephew Mattia and I, celebrating our birthdays. They left for Genoa on the 23rd, so we decided to go out for a family dinner on the 22nd to celebrate our birthdays. His birthday is today, the 29th. He turns 15. He just got his motorcycle license too and is very eager to get his hands on a scooter. I told him, we might get him one if we could find one cheap and good. The prices of petrol is now over Euro 2.10 per litre!! Crazy!! @_@

I did try to sell him on the idea of an electric motorcycle. After all he can only ride a 50cc one and if we make him pay for his own petrol he would definitely feel the pinch. 😛

Getting to the restaurant was quite an adventure which left my in-laws a little upset and on edge throughout the dinner and the whole night after. The place was a little far, and up in the mountains of Sardinia. Well actually it wasn’t that far, about 40-50kms away. But the road was winding and dark. There were no road lights. Also out van could only fit max 7, so 2 of them went by scooter. Another 2 who recommended and booked the place were in a SmartCar. We got lost a little which added to my in-laws’ anxiety. It didn’t help that my SIL and her friend were on the scooter trailing behind us. 2 ladies, at night, in the dark winding roads equals recipe for anxiety though they were behind us all the way.

After we got there, we found out that dogs were not allowed in. So I kept it hushed so that my MIL will not be upset. Somehow, someone opened their big mouths and asked where is Milo? The tranquility was shattered once again. She kind of refused to eat much of the rest of the dinner and took every opportunity to sit outside with Milo. Mind you, Milo was just outside the window right next to us. We had a full view of him and he, us. Watudu…., as they say in Malaysia, I have an over-protective MIL. She actually spoils Milo to a point that makes it hard for me to undo all the bad habits she has allowed. 😦

The icing on the night was or birthday cake. It was a strawberry ice-cream cake!! Yummeh!! It was gone in a flash!! Other than that, the food there was just ok. There was a baked lasagna like bread with cheese and cinnamon that was quite unusual but good. No photos of the food unfortunately because by the time we got there all of us were famished and I could feel the onset of my gastritis. We started eating. I only thought of taking a photo when the cake came out at the end of the dinner. >_<

The actual day of my birthday was spent unceremoniously. I felt the love from all my friends and family through their messages on BBM, FB, Twitter, and SMS. Thank you all!!!! M bought sushi for me for lunch cause he promised a Japanese dinner for my birthday but my FIL is here and he not such a fan of Japanese food. We couldn’t leave him on his own for dinner so M bought sushi for me as a surprise. I thought the plan was already scrapped. I felt loved!! 🙂 🙂

I had only a glass of wine for myself at dinner, celebrating the day that I was born! Then it was back to work. A quiet day. I spent the whole day stuck on the computer though. 😛 Replying messages and doing nothing but surfing the net and catching up on blogs. Blissful day, right?

Writing this entry on the balcony under a beautiful moon. Moons make me happy. Whenever I see a sliver of the moon, I start to smile and I will look up every night waiting for it be full and watch it slowly slip away day after day. 🙂

So another year has come and gone. Am now starting on the next year of my life. I can truly say that I am enjoying the journey of my life and I look forward to all the adventures it has in store for me. Lets see where I will be next year.

Signing off from Porto Cervo , Sardinia.

Goose night!

Update: Found the camera and the here is the picture I wanted to share. 🙂

Birthday celebrations!
The birthday boy and “girl” 😛 with the amazing ice-cream cake.

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