The forgotten luggage

So, here we are at the Imola race track for a weekend of “Historical auto and moto” market to not only sell our vintage vespas but to also score some spare parts for our restorations. M just got back yesterday from Berlin where his luggage the one he bought for me (the divine Milo repeated design mid sized luggage, which you can see on my  Instagram and Twitter, which by the way you should be following to get amazing updates on my utterly boring existence via @mouseytong 🙂 ) did not make it. We went back around midnight to collect them and I was flabbergasted! It was sooooo cute!

Immediately, M suggested I use it for this trip. Naturally I said yes! Got home, packed my bags and went to be at 1.30am. Guess what time we woke up? 4 freaking 30 am. Nevermind. I rolled around a little as per normal. Got up, got ready, made a coffee in my thermos mug and rolled out of the house. By 5.30 am we were on the road.

Now, to my forgotten  luggage. How did it happen? Well, when we got to the office, M was supposed to transfer my bag and all the other stuff to the van while I go into the office and grab all the rest of the stuff. Guess what he forgot? My luggage! How did he leave Milo behind? How could he? Actually he did once. To the real Milo. Too busy on the phone and he left Milo at the ground floor lift door while he came all the way up to the apartment! Hehehehe! I never let him forget it. Makes us laugh out loud each time. 😀 To his credit, it happened only once when we first got Milo.

Blissfully unaware, we left for Imola. At the first stop to fuel up, he gave me his sweater cause it was really cold whie, stopping me from fishing for my luggage for mine. If he did let me, we would have found out then and there that my luggage wasn’t on board. Fast forward 6 hours later, it was getting warm, so I wanted to change out of my shoes in slippers. I went hunting for my luggage. We only had 2 vans. The bigger one we have emptied out completely. The smaller one now only holds the valuables and our bags. I looked through the window and couldn’t see my unmistakable pop print Milo bag! Where was it?

I asked M and he said that it was in the other van. No way, I said. We just emptied it out. He came to look and lo and behold, it dawned on him that he didn’t transfer it. Oh no! Now what am I going to do for the next 2 days? He felt bad. I was ok. Not too upset about it. He did try to make up for it the restbof the day. Which is a good thing. 😉

After the market closed at 6.30pm we stopped at a local pharmacy to get some essentials. I only got make-up removal wipes which in actual fact they didn’t have, so I took baby wipes instead and a toothbrush. M t-shirt for bed and another one of his shirts for tomorrow. Not my style obviously, but it will have to do for now. 😛 I might just be cheeky enough to let you guys see me in a polo shirt! Not something you can usually find me in. I have max 2 polo shirts and that might also be pushing it. Lets see how I feel tomorrow morning. Or rather later today.

Goose night, people! Sweet dreams!

P.s : Though it drove me nuts to write this on an Ipad, I perservered for you my kind readers (wah…so magnanimous of me) and the keypad keeps crashing/hanging driving me  more over the edge but I made it! Phew!

Just so you don’t forget, i really dislike Ipads. I have no clear idea why. I just don’t.

Update: Found the picture of the luggage.

Isn’t it a beauty? Milo in pop art!

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