Viva Barcelona!


Presently cruising over the clouds and in 15 mins we will be either making our descent into Barcelona or we will be landing. No worries, I am only writing this on my Note while it is on flight mode so no danger there. Will post once we land or when I get internet access.

Everytime I see beautiful clouds, I think of my sister. Today while cruising I saw this.

This is my last leg of the journey. Took me 7 hours just to get here. Couldn’t get a direct flight from Genoa so I flew via Rome. Cheapest was Alitalia. No choice. I chose instead to have a loooong transit so that my luggage will arrive. Never had much luck with neither Alitalia nor Rome airport. @_@

Lets see if my luggage arrives. *fingers crossed*

This post was written yesterday and I couldn’t finish writing it then as you can read from above, we were landing soon. Then it was waiting for my luggage, getting a taxi and going to hotel. Checking in. Straight for dinner with my client and back to unpack, shower and get ready for today.

Also, I finally got a local line with some internet access. I am trying to finish this entry but it is not working out too well. I am on site for work. Consistently distracted. 😦

I will try again tonight.


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