Viva Barcelona!


Presently cruising over the clouds and in 15 mins we will be either making our descent into Barcelona or we will be landing. No worries, I am only writing this on my Note while it is on flight mode so no danger there. Will post once we land or when I get internet access.

Everytime I see beautiful clouds, I think of my sister. Today while cruising I saw this.

This is my last leg of the journey. Took me 7 hours just to get here. Couldn’t get a direct flight from Genoa so I flew via Rome. Cheapest was Alitalia. No choice. I chose instead to have a loooong transit so that my luggage will arrive. Never had much luck with neither Alitalia nor Rome airport. @_@

Lets see if my luggage arrives. *fingers crossed*

This post was written yesterday and I couldn’t finish writing it then as you can read from above, we were landing soon. Then it was waiting for my luggage, getting a taxi and going to hotel. Checking in. Straight for dinner with my client and back to unpack, shower and get ready for today.

Also, I finally got a local line with some internet access. I am trying to finish this entry but it is not working out too well. I am on site for work. Consistently distracted. 😦

I will try again tonight.


Mousey needs to work harder…

It is a dog’s life….

I have got to say that since I started blogging here at WordPress, things have changed for me. Actually many things have changed for me since I have started on changing my mindset. Blogging at WordPress has brought many like minded people to my blog and mine to theirs. What this does for me is that it shows that I really have to work harder.

All the other blogs are so entertaining, interesting and chock full of useful information, amazing photos, great recipes and out-of-this-world works of art. Mine pales in comparison. 😦

I really have to buck up!

Suddenly it feels like school all over again…but, I was a lazy student. Guess I am back at square one! Oh, well….