On a roll, baby!

Sleeping dog
Milo basking in the sun, Elba Island

THIS is what I want to do now. I dragged myself to the gym today and sweated it out for more than an hour tucking a cool 8.2km under my belt. I am not only feeling damn good but also darn proud with myself. Considering I had to drag myself in the first place. *beaming*

But as I was surfing the net, blogs and my photos and posting a photo in “Life in Photos” series I realised I have been very hardworking! I have been posting a post everyday from the moment I broke my “no blogging” streak. To keep up with this (as long as I can :P) I am going to schedule this post for tomorrow. It is September 12th already. That would prolong my streak by another day! 🙂

I just had to write this down a put it out in the world to mark this day. When you read this it is the 13th. Another day, another post. Hopefully another fat busting run in the gym. Oh, wait! I booked a TRX class. Got to work them muscles for a lean, trim, mean machine!

Goose night people!! Good morning to the other side of the world!!



Mousey has figured out Nike+

Okay, I have used up ALL of my computer battery just browsing the net and procrastinating on a post. So much so, it took me a whole 2 mins to remember what it was that I wanted to blog about. I still don’t remember exactly. I have a moleskin notebook just for this reason and yet I don’t use it. I carry that moleskin for the added fun of carrying around added weight. Whee!! 😛

Anyhow, I wanted to update everyone on my last frustrating post regarding Nike+Ipod. In the end, I finally figured out why it did not do what I wanted it to do. This, is after a sleepless night (not from thinking about this) of tossing and turning in bed from the extreme heatwave hitting us here in Italy. I suddenly thought about checking the settings on the app. Right at the bottom, there is a “send to Nike+” button. After clicking on that, it sent! I didn’t realise I had to do that each time I want the details sent. It used to do that automatically. Something has changed.

Then, I was wondering why my runs didn’t show up on the history part of the app. I am thinking it is because the history part only holds the runs that I did with my Nike sensor. Since all the rest that I did with the treadmill in the gym is all recorded but not shown. The last run shown on it was the one that I braved the summer heat here (not repeating this performance!) with the sensor tucked into my shoe.

So, here it is my revelation! and the update on my debacle with the Nike+Ipod app on my Ipod. 🙂

Now I can rest in peace. 😛

Shop is closing for the night. It is almost 1 am here. Goose night people!!


Not a happy camper!

I have discovered to my dismay that my “Nike+Ipod” app is not working well on my Ipod. 😦 Since I started exercising (OMG, you can’t imagine how long it took me to spell exercise!! I really need to brush up, man!) again, I have been monitoring my running with this app. So far so good. Once, my data was not updated on the Nikeplus site because it was missing. I didn’t know what happened but the next day it was back and updated.

So this time I thought it would be the same. How wrong was I!! It has updated only till the 7th of August but since then I have been back at the gym at least 5 times and not once was it recorded at all! Dang it! Even today’s run was noted on my Ipod but after the run I went to check and it wasn’t there! How frustrating!! *_*

Is this normal? Is it normal for the Nike app to do this? Anyone knows?

I have reset the Ipod to their factory settings and restored everything. Fingers crossed, it works.

All my hard work down the drain. Well, not exactly. The hard work should technically be showing on my body but I want to track my progress! 😦

Luckily I didn’t sign up for one of those Nike+ weekly or monthly challenges. I would have failed miserably and not even due to my own laziness! Technical fault and through no fault of my own.

Now to drag my ass for more gym.

Toodeloos and goose night!!

Running outside is hard…

Because it was such a beautiful day, warm and sunny, I decided to run outside today. My first in at least 6 months. The last time I tried, I nearly froze my brain from the icy sweat enveloping my head. Oh, boy was it hard!! Ok, I have been out of action of sorts for some time now. I had a really good momentum going for a while and then I went on treatment. Which meant I had to be really careful not to jump, run or over exert myself. So, out the window my momentum went. But I was still motivated enough to keep my spirits up and the moment the treatment ended, I jumped on the treadmill and ran for the next for days before I had to be back on treatment. Dang!! I was so happy to, to be back running. I didn’t want to be away too long before I lose my new found motivation.

Again, the whole cycle started. No running, jumping or over exertion. The best part of the treatment this time was an allergic reaction to one of the meds prescribed! I started having rashes under my breasts and it slowly and surely crept all over my body and eventually giving an almost first degree burn. Okay…it may be exaggeration on my part but my skin was like scales on fire, rough and itchy and patchy. It really looked and felt like I got a sunburn in the middle of winter and only on the parts under cover!! Oh…it was no joke! I don’t want to put my picture up here but if you saw it you might even be shocked! I looked like a huge, red chilli tomato if there is ever such a thing. I am also peeling like a snake changing its scales. So much so, that M says there is skin everywhere!! I am like…what can I do? It just falls off. I am like a shedding dog too. 😛 The treatment was more injections and a cream that made my itch so bad I couldn’t sleep. Before it, I could for 2 whole weeks when I had the rash.

Anyway, I did get back on the treadmill when the treatment ended last Wednesday. Wanted to run another time on Friday but we had family and clients over till late in the office. So there goes the running. Weekend was family dedicate time and we also took my MIL to the nursery to buy new plants for her amazing balcony. I sneaked in some of mine too and now my balcony is back to beautiful flowers! I just need to re-pot them soon. 🙂 I went to run outside and being the sudden genius that I was, I decided to run along the road and not just around the office. Expand my running area. NOT A GOOD IDEA! First, there were cars everywhere. It didn’t help that the smog and dust didn’t help with my laboured breathing. Next, because of the cars, I could not get my momentum going. I had to constantly watch out for cars and scooters weaving in and out! I gave up running on the road and went back up to around the area of my office.

By then, I was not really enjoying my run anymore. I ran and walked the rest of the 4.5k but I was constantly feeling out of sorts. I think I have been running on treadmills too long and need to get out more often and hit the pavement. It could also be because of my inactivity that is causing this. I am determined not to let this bring me down. I shall try to run outside again tomorrow. Do you think I can manage a weak 5k?

Since the weather is getting better, I am thinking maybe I should take the niece and go swimming or get her interested in tennis. Hmm….I do feel like I would like to start playing tennis again. No tennis partners here though. The tennis courts with a wall to practice with is on the other side of Genova. At least the ones I know of. There is a tennis court right behind where I live but you need someone to play with and I don’t know anyone who plays tennis except a 7 year old. One day, if I pick up enough courage, I might just walk in the guys who play there sometimes and ask to join them. Someday…for now, I have to continue running outside. 🙂