On a roll, baby!

Sleeping dog
Milo basking in the sun, Elba Island

THIS is what I want to do now. I dragged myself to the gym today and sweated it out for more than an hour tucking a cool 8.2km under my belt. I am not only feeling damn good but also darn proud with myself. Considering I had to drag myself in the first place. *beaming*

But as I was surfing the net, blogs and my photos and posting a photo in “Life in Photos” series I realised I have been very hardworking! I have been posting a post everyday from the moment I broke my “no blogging” streak. To keep up with this (as long as I can :P) I am going to schedule this post for tomorrow. It is September 12th already. That would prolong my streak by another day! 🙂

I just had to write this down a put it out in the world to mark this day. When you read this it is the 13th. Another day, another post. Hopefully another fat busting run in the gym. Oh, wait! I booked a TRX class. Got to work them muscles for a lean, trim, mean machine!

Goose night people!! Good morning to the other side of the world!!



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