Mousey is wondering…

This blog post is about a week in the making. Been a little busy during my days and the evenings I have been rushing through my exercise and dinner and entertaining guests at home with a dinner I am not too proud of. Too last minute for my taste. I had to cook for 5 people, right after coming back from a long day out. I didn’t even have time for anything to thaw out.

Anyway, I was wondering after watching “Non ditelo alla sposa” which translates to “don’t tell the bride” which I think might be the right title in English. All the titles here are in Italian. I either know them or have to do a rough guess what they are actually called. The actual title sometimes gets lost in translation. They sometimes use the original title but sometimes they come up with their own version. 🙂

Ok, I got sidetracked. Back to my wondering. This  BBC UK reality show is about giving couples who are up for it and usually not able to afford a wedding £12,000 and 3 weeks to plan a wedding. The catch was that the groom has to do ALL the planning and the bride just has to show up! Usually they choose controlling and super organised women and very laid back or totally unreliable men. It is a totally hilarious to watch and I have a sneaky feeling that behind the scenes the producers actually help the poor guy through some details. Maybe with some gentle reminders? hehehe!

Decide the theme, the cake, the flowers, decorations, catering, the venue, the licenses needed and etc… all in 3 weeks. The groom even had to choose the wedding gown (the biggest thing for a bride) and the bridesmaids’ dresses all on his own. Some of them get so caught up in everything else and totally forgot the wedding rings! Imagine that! One very creative groom used Haribo gummy rings! The same kind he proposed with. Hilarious but it really summed them up as a couple. Hopefully they got round to getting the real ring after the show. 😛

In one of the episodes, the bride refused to get on the flight for the wedding because the irresponsible groom spent most of the budget on himself and his bestman to have a stag night and the  wedding in Las Vegas leaving not enough in the budget for her family to attend the wedding. It was just enough for her parents and no one else. She didn’t want a wedding with just 4 attendees. Another was afraid of heights and the groom got the bride to skydive to the wedding. Can you imagine the terror she felt? In the end, the weddings all looked lovely! Kudos to the clueless grooms and sometimes just as clueless their bestmens.

I can imagine myself doing this. I have faith in M because he comes up with the most interesting things and he has been planning events for quite some time. He has really good taste and I am quite adventurous myself. Up for almost anything. Only thing is that I would not compromise on not having my family with me. That is a big no, no.

I was wondering if any of YOU would leave ALL the planning of your wedding to your other halfs?

Would you? I would love to hear from you.

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