Mousey is a mozzie!

Mozzie is a slang for mosquitoes. In Malaysia we call the motorcyclists mosquitoes, because they weave in and out of traffic at will. Since I am a motorcyclist therefore I am a mozzie!! Hehehehe!!!

This thought just popped into my head the other day. Connecting all the dots while on my vespa weaving through traffic to the city centre. How ironic. 🙂 I was thinking of the difference between riding in Asia (wherever I have a license to ride) and riding here in Europe, especially in Italy. Italy is a motorcycle or rather a scooter country. Of course there are accidents here as there in any other part of the world but the people here are more considerate of motorcyclists on the road.  Heck, they are even aware and tolerant of cyclists on the road. No one actually honks, ok..not never but they seldom do, at a cyclist sharing their lane. They slow down and when they can, the overtake them and pretty much leave them be. Though I salute these cyclist here. With all the mountainous roads everywhere, they really DO love cycling. I don’t know how they do it. 😛

Mine is on the left. On an airstrip in Calabria

Why is that so? I have come to the conclusion that because at any one time in their lives here in Italy, they would have either rode a scooter or motorcycle or was a pillion rider. So they are aware of them when on the road. Also, if they have never been on one, they grew up around one. Whereas, this is totally the opposite in Malaysia or Singapore. A huge percentage of them will have never been on a motorcycle or scooter of any kind in their lives and may never get on one, ever! There is also a very small number of motorcyclist on the road as compared to Italy.

At Sila, in Calabria

If you grew up here or are motorcyclist here, there are some unwritten rules that you learn along the way. I never knew of them till I came here. My most vivid reminder was once when I was stuck in traffic on the outskirts of Paris, motorcyclists honked at me and asked me to “move in!” complete with hand gestures and all. That was when I realised, I was the ONLY ONE out of line. Everyone else, dutifully left the centre divider line clear for the motorcyclist who could weave their way out of major traffic. Everyone moved closer to their sides respectively. I then realised, this happens in Italy too and in Greece and in the UK and so forth.

On a vespa rally in Elba

Also, they are very helpful should you fall or slip. The road to my home is winding and when it rains it is like a river which makes it really dangerous for me on the vespa (small wheels, which is why I prefer my Enfield sometimes) to navigate the roads. Winding roads with loads of blind spots. Once I slowed down near a blind spot bend and because it was wet,the rain has stopped, my vespa slid right across to the other lane into an oncoming car. He stopped in time and so did the car behind me on my lane and they both came down to help me up. I got back on and off I went after thanking them, of course. I had other encounters but I am not going to go into them. I might scare my mum.

On our road trip from Genova to Sicily with many stops along the way…

I LOVE motorcycles!! I like the panoramic, uninterrupted views, wind in my hair and the ability to park almost anywhere and not get stuck in traffic!! I got my motorcycle license here in Italy about a year before I got my driver’s license. I didn’t need it. I went everywhere in Genova on my scooter. Even in winter. I have actually learnt how to ride the old Honda cup bikes when I was 13. My dad taught me. I just never got a license till I was in Singapore. I find myself defending the mozzies in Malaysia when someone is grumbling about them on the roads. hehehehe! Do you know that they are technically treated like a car? They are supposed to occupy the road like a car and not like how everyone thinks that they should scoot off to the side of the road and let the cars pass? Well, at least in Malaysia and Singapore. In Italy we are told to keep to the right of the lane. Roads are tight here. 😛

I ❤ bikes! It is official, I am a mozzie!

discovering Siderno on the best scooter ever!!

hmm…..I didn’t quite think the photo positions through, did I? Thought of punctuating my post with photos. I am just going to leave it like this. Got to run. Hungry! 😛


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