Mousey’s memory is…….

Illuminate me please….

Where have all my inspirations gone? Almost every night I compose such great entries in my head before I sleep and then when I wake up…it is all GONE! Poof!! I remember almost next to nothing. So, it is not entirely gone. Just next to nothing. Make sense?

I work better at night. Something I have known since childhood. All my studying, or pretend studying was done at night. All my papers are written at night. Especially in the deep depths on the night. Since I have been going to bed early (gasp! I know, right? me, going to be early), I haven’t been able to fit in my creative writings in. I also used to do my crochet at night in front of the TV. Even that has taken a back seat. Either I have so much more going on in the day, that I tire out by the time evening rolls by or…I am just getting older and I hate to admit it.

By the way, aren’t the candles lovely? I bought 6 and lugged them all the way back as hand carry. I love the details on them. The candles are all handmade in that shop!

Now, I will just have to pray that the candles that I bought in California last year will illuminate my mind and bring forth all the inspirations that I know are resting deep in me!

Maybe I just need gingko biloba…what do you think?


4 thoughts on “Mousey’s memory is…….

  1. Juan

    Can I just say – I FEEL YOU!!! Age is undeniably a factor for me (maybe :P) that i fall asleep unwillingly on the sofa watching tv!!! Does anyone else do that? I conjure “brilliant” (perasan :P) thoughts and writings in my head and ambitiously thinking I will still have them with me to pen down when I am inspired or awake 😀 by the way I still do the pen and journal thing instead of writing in my laptop..maybe a note pad beside the bed will lessen the “aaaaarrrrgghhhhhh” in the mornings! 😀

    1. Falling asleep in front of the tv? I am getting there….slowly but surely. hehehehe!!! I know, right!! I always think I will remember them the next day. But when I attempt to write, it never sounds as good as it did the night before. :D. I ahve the pen and journal too but I am too sleepy to sit up and write them down. If I want to do that, I always think I should just write it directly on the blog. It is a catch 22, I tell you!! 😛

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