Learning about techie stuff…

fluffy clouds

I am suddenly soooooooooo sleepy, I can’t keep my eyes open. I blame it on the pasta I had about 30 mins ago. I was just browsing the computer to get myself acquainted with “cloud” technology. If there is such a thing. Trying to keep myself abreast with the changes in the tech world. I have been a Mac user for quite a while now and I am an all round Apple user except for the Iphone or the Ipad. I can’t bring myself to use them. I had an Iphone for a while though not because I wanted one but because M was so taken in by it that he got one as a spare phone with only internet enabled  sim on it. In the end, I carried it around and used it to go on the net whenever we needed to. Other than that, it stayed in my bag. I even forget to charge it all the time. 😛 When I got the HTC, everything changed. I signed up for twitter, check my Facebook, use the GPS satellite… things I never did with the Iphone. I was adverse it. I refuse to use it for anything if I could help it. M got an Ipad too which now he uses at home to surf the net and not hogging my laptop anymore! But I don’t use his iPad at all. Though I have to teach him how to use it sometimes. Managed to convert him to using Mac too! He has a MacBook Air! *proud*

Just to show you how much of an Apple fan I am besides the tow items mentioned above, I have a iMac in the office, MacBook Pro at home and iPod Touch. I used to own a clam shell mac, the colourful desktop Mac, the swivelling screen Mac, iBook and MacBook. Only time I didn’t use a Mac was when I first came to Italy and the office server at that time didn’t support Macs. I was crushed! Got myself a Sony, in fact, I went through 2 Sonys and the last one was an Acer. My first Sony got the blue screen of death and I sold my other Sony to get my Macbook! The Acer remains in the office and is now passed on to another colleague. 🙂 I just traded in my old MacBook Pro and got the latest one last month! Happy! Happy! I want to get the MacBook Air but since I use My MacBook to edit photos and store all my music, I can’t get the Air. 😦

Anyway, I was trawling the net for more info on how to sync all of them. I know of iCloud but have read its not so stellar performance reviews on the net. Then I got directed to DropBox and Ubuntu One. Then there is also Google Cloud. All I want is to be able to access my photos on all my devices. Well, I actually want to know how to link my desktop to my MacBook Pro. Everything I have read so far is really disappointing. For someone who is so technically challenged like myself it is even more disheartening. 😦 I now use an external harddisk where I store my photos and bring it with me everywhere. I also back up this external hard disk with another which I keep at home. Paranoid that way…lost all my data once in another external hard disk that just decided to die on me suddenly. I find this a lot of work. And I am forever in fear that before I could back up my stuff, this one dies on me first! @_@

DropBox has 2GB free and Ubuntu One gives 5GB free. Has anyone ever used them? My brother uses both and he finds them ok. He says he has not fully tested out their full potential, so he can’t really comment on it.

Among all the clouds (hence the cloud photo which I took in Elba) out there, is there one that suits my needs? Any tips and suggestions? Anyone?

Not wanting to fork out a fortune for Aperture yet, is there any other programmes out there which I can use to put watermarks on my photos? I downloaded iWatermark but I find that I absolutely hate the quality of the processed photo. Destroys all my photos and leaves them grainy. Back on the prowl for another before I succumb to Aperture. I have been looking at Aperture for a reeeeeaaaallllllllllyyyyyyyy long time.

I have never really gotten a reply on any of my questions before..I guess I am on my own. 😦 T_T

wokay! Back to trawling the net and hopefully not get distracted along the way.


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