Coffee 1 – Mousey 0

Iced Cold Coffee!! Heaven in a glass!

I went on a warpath with Coffee and Coffee won! It was a 5-day long battle and I lost. Today. *_*

A splitting headache did not help matters. In the end, I caved and made an amazingly horrible coffee, if there is such a thing. Instant coffee with hot milk bought from a dispenser. My office has no pantry but we have dispenser machines. I don’t know how it went so wrong. Instant coffee with hot milk and sugar. That was all that was in it. How did it go so horribly wrong? uurgggghhhh!!

The sad part of the whole thing is…..I finished it! Every last excruciating drop of it!

I don’t even know why exactly did I decide to go cold turkey on Coffee. Why? Maybe I thought I should just cut down on my coffee intake. Not to be so dependent on coffee. Who knows? Before Uni, I didn’t like Coffee! Being the struggling active student that I was, *cough* I needed Coffee. Now, I hardly drink tea which was my preferred choice before Uni.

Maybe it was because I was having too much Coffee. A big mug of Malaysian style Coffee to start my mornings, which is strong Coffee, none of the Americano crap, which in Italy is a shot of espresso topped with hot water. Basically diluted Coffee, bleh! Thena shot of espresso after every meal everyday. Too much coffee! I still sleep, no problems there. So why?

I don’t know. Maybe it is because I am trying to lose weight and all, I figured cutting out coffee and other sugary stuff would help. I don’t take carbonated drinks at all except sparkling water and the odd beer. M doesn’t drink so no fun drinking alone. I cut it out so well, that the other day a sip of Coca-cola made me sick! Imagine that! Though I think when the cravings come, I can down a whole glass, I am sure! For now, I am safe.

I guess I will figure it out soon enough. For now, I shall forge on….Coffee! you have not seen the last of me!

Ps: Coffee, I might need you to come back some day….so don’t go too far away.

4 thoughts on “Coffee 1 – Mousey 0

  1. Oh, I know your pain!… And I will also give up sodas for a bit, then come back to them, forcing them down because they taste nasty-as-all-get-out, and then I’m back on the cravin’ train! It’s a vicious cycle! 🙂

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